Life at XcelTec
Life at XcelTec
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Are you looking for a challenging environment wherein you can contribute and develop your career? A place where you’ll be challenged and rewarded for your hard work?

XcelTec operates in a way where creative ideas and excellence really matter. Reason why we really value our people. We focus on the brightest and the best to ensure finding new and better ways constantly to help us exceed our customers’ expectations.

What’s in it for me?

We at XcelTec take care of all factors like your career, personal development, performance management, training & pay. All this factors are as important to us as they are to you.

That’s why at XcelTec we don’t just ensure you for a great working environment with career development opportunities, but also provide with an excellent employee benefit package which includes many or all of the following:

  • flexible work timings
  • competitive salary
  • employee friendly environment and policies

XcelTec Vision:

Through effective use of technology, automate and improve efficiency while leveraging our back-office services to become a true business partner to our clients and helping them to improve their profitability by saving them cost, improving their delivery timelines & providing excellent customer service, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

XcelTec Core Values:

• Strive for excellence in our products and services in servicing our clients
• Total commitment to quality
• Building trust with clear and honest communication with our customers
• Become a true partner with our clients through collaboration and teamwork

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