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We develop interactive, contemporary, attention grabbing websites. Our work aids you in building a formidable business presence over the web. We deliver professional websites that meets your requirements and tastes while being focused on your target audience. Our ardent goal is to assist your business in enhancing the online experience of its user leading to far improved and accurately targeted traffic, thereby resulting in much increased sales.
Crafting Intelligent Web Presence
Modern world does not know almost any boundaries and those that exist keep getting narrower day by day. In such a space, a business spread across various geographical locations absolutely requires an appropriate web based presence and application to effectively tend to its requirements.
Tailor-Made Apps
We enjoy working with our clients’ ideas. If you have a bright strategy or idea that keeps bouncing within your mind, then do share it with us. Our team of experts will absorb your idea and thoughts to help transform them into application matching your needs.
Apps for the Mobile Platform
Much like websites, we also possess a very talented and efficient mobile apps development team who can help you create innovative mobile apps and games giving solutions to a whole host of today’s popular communication devices.
We Consult and Solve
Designing Your Website
In order to attain a high level of success in today’s business market, it is very important to stay in touch with the ever updating industry setting. With high-technology being used increasingly, the growing demand for user friendly interface has come to the fore.
Expansion over Web & Mobile
The mobile era is upon us in full force and mobility pushes most modern companies to handle the different aspects of today’s lightning quick changes with ease. Generally such rapid evolution of technology is very difficult to match up to without adequate assistance.
Ecommerce Services
XcelTec is among the foremost companies presently giving top notch e-commerce solutions as of today. Our actual operations in this field spans for over a decade which includes a number of successful projects for various clients.
CMS – Content Management System
Content is the key in today’s online world, but due to its red hot demand, there is an insurmountable flow of content from different channels. Be it from the web or wireless space, papers or other digital sections, this over flow of content needs proper managing to be done. CMS has become completely essential to support the corporate sector to a new way of managing content.
Computing Over the Cloud & Big Data
With data getting huge in volume and chunks, the need to process and analyze it rapidly has become paramount. The conventional method can only do so much and therefore the introduction of cloud computing is the way forward for better data management and increased security.
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XcelTec, primarily a tech consulting entity, being based with the Sales and Integration Office in New York, United States has arisen as a foremost web developing name.
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