What is Active Record in Yii2?

Active Record is database access and manipulation tool that uses an object-oriented interface. An Active Record class is linked to a database table, an Active Record instance is linked to a table row, and an attribute of an Active Record instance is linked to the value of a specific column in that row. To access […]
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What is an Event in Yii2?

Because PHP doesn’t contain actual events like JavaScript, event programming isn’t always familiar territory for PHP developers. The only true event in PHP is handling a PHP script’s request (through a direct link or a form submission). The PHP code in that script is performed as a result of that event occurring. In JavaScript, on […]
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How Does One Manage Insights on Yii2 Websites?

Work on the main thread should be kept to a minimum Consider shortening the time it takes to parse, compile, and execute JS. You might find that sending smaller JS payloads helps. JavaScript that isn’t in use should be reduced To reduce the number of bytes spent by network activity, reduce unneeded JavaScript and defer […]
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How Do You Work With Diverse Layouts in Your Application Using Yii2?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create various layouts for action views in your app. We assume, for example, that our application’s pages will employ three alternative layouts: A one-column layout has only the main content area; a two-column layout has a left sidebar displaying portlets and the main content area; and a […]
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What Is the Most Recent Yii2 Update?

Yii2 incorporates PHP characteristics and namespaces, as well as Bower, Composer, and PHP Specification Request (PSR) standards. All of these factors combine to make Yii 2.0 a truly refreshing experience. The best aspect is that it can also work with other libraries. You may be aware that the new version, ‘Yii 2.0,’ is essentially a […]
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What Is the Significance of “Gll” in Yii2?

Gii, a useful tool included with Yii, allows for rapid prototyping by producing regularly used code snippets as well as whole CRUD controllers. Gii provides a Web-based interface that allows you to produce code interactively. It also has a command-line interface for those that like to work with console windows the majority of the time. […]
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Can Yii2 Websites Benefit From Digital Marketing?

We may conclude that Yii2 websites are beneficial for digital marketing. Have you recently started a mobile app development firm? If you answered yes, you are currently working hard to establish and grow your business. Your organisation has a website or an app. Right now, you’re debating whether or not it’s wise to hire digital […]
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What Is a Relationship in Yii2 and How Does It Promote Relationships in Yii2?

We’ve already seen how to select data from a single database table using Active Record (AR). We’ll show you how to utilise AR to unite several related database tables and retrieve the resulting data set in this part. It is advised that primary-foreign key restrictions be defined for tables that need to be connected to […]
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Can We Create an Ecommerce Website in Yii2?

The most popular option for developing an e-commerce platform The Internet has changed the way people access services all across the world. Because of the development possibilities accessible, it is now possible to construct extremely functional websites. Web development used to be a difficult undertaking, but it has now become simpler and more productive. The […]
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How Can Your Yii2 Website Attract Customers?

PHP is a programming language that is extensively utilised in large projects. For example, Facebook uses PHP to maintain and develop its internal systems. WordPress’ internals is powered by PHP, which in turn powers more than 26% of the internet. PHP now powers over 82 % of all websites (whose server-side programming languages the Web […]
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