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Ample – A Personalized AI Video Bots for Sales Automation

XcelTec developed the next generation Chatbot that is AMPLE – an AI-driven Video Bot – to help really connect your business to the market. AMPLE bridges the gap between the two by allowing the consumer to speak through a video chat & screen sharing with your sales and customer service teams.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence that two are the most powerful weapon for any business. Businesses using Chatbot technology today to enhance the customer experience, save money & for sales automation.

Sales automation has to be the talk of the town nowadays. Chatbot has proven its ability by providing instant support and personalized services for some cases. Chatbots are very helpful for solving customer queries, typical service requests, or locating the right products and services, but their effectiveness can be increased even more with video.

What are AI Video Bots?

A video bot is an improved version of a chatbot it is a video of a person that shown to website visitors through the chatbot. it improves customer support & personalization as well as improves the conversion rate as they are drive users to take action, whether on the website or on the app.

Sales Automation & Video Bot

More than 50% of sales activities done with automated software and tools. This all done with artificial intelligence that manages the sales automation takes it to a new level.

Let’s take an example of that: suppose you are looking for a black color handbag, one of your friends recommend a shop or website that did a good job for her. They have a sales representative that called you and guide you about the shop location and you must go there to buy it.

And, by the way, if we’re going to do this, let’s give you a good name, AMPLE.

What is AMPLE?

AMPLE: A personalized AI video bot developed by XcelTec, With ample you just need to go to the website or app & sales representative guides you for your desired products by screen sharing through video bot and easily you can buy any products from the ease of home. No need to go to shop or surf more and more that works for everyone and saves time

Video bot does not only guide the customers but that helps businesses to sell more and improve brand loyalty, customer relationships and interact with customers in a way they thought was relevant to them, but new tools like chatbots (AMPLE) surely have taken personalization to the next level.


Let’s Understand How Ample Works:

AMPLE- AI driven video bot by XcelTec

Why Video Bots are The Feature?

Video bots grab the attention of many businesses and businesses implement that to make their business automated and give a rich experience to their customers. It has caught a lot of fan following and even companies are coming up with such ideas. There are a few things that are succeeded with the help of AI video bots.

Make your offline sales team online: With video bots, you can make your offline sales team online & online sales representative increase the probability of getting calls from the customers who visit the website.


Screen Sharing: Using video bot customers can understand the product features which increase the closure of the leads. During the conversation, salespeople can share a predefined widget with customers to get specific information from them. Video bot drives customers to the action by sharing and explaining them through screen sharing.


Easy and efficient sales: With the help of video bots, we simply eliminate complexity and maintaining in improving the quality of sales. Managers can see the leads & connect with sales executives and take follow up on the closure.


Change in customer service expectations: With the help of a video bot, a customer does not need to arrange a demo of the product or service they need. Customers simply explore the website connect with representatives through a video bot and get the work done.  


Ease of developing and deploying: Yes, with technology improvement, companies are easily coming up with different solutions to implement video bots.


Personalized sales: Well, video bots are collect the data and modified to cover the essential aspect of customization. It can easily enhance data usability with the help of customers and forecasts demand.

The Bottom Line:

Chatbots are quickly becoming an essential part of the user experience, and as long as humans are involved it is clear that the future of chatbots is visual video bot. The transformation to video bots will be a revolutionary process, where constantly the bots move from traditional text-based understanding to full visual interactions.

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