Should I Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

Should I Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development?

These days, the competition among the business is ferocious than it ever has been. This completion ratio forcing IT Companies to continuously research for something new to stay on the top in their industry. This is factual in the digital universe as well.

Businesses need to make sure that the users get the most beautiful and smooth digital experience while experience their applications, related to their choice of mobile design and operating system. Hence, businesses need to choose the right technology for mobile development. Recently Mobile App Development Companies use react native and Xamarin for developing a mobile app. But Google Flutter has been building great signs of progress silently.

What is flutter app development?

Flutter for mobile app development – is an app development framework developed by Google and community and mainly it helps developers to develop a cross-platform application using Google’s Dart programming language. You can develop Android, iOS, Mac and Linux applications using Flutter. Flutter’s popularity increasing is evident. The fact about Flutter is in the top 20 software sources among GitHub’s. It accomplished this accomplishment within just a few months of its first release. Flutter initially release in May 2017 and then recently the stable version of Flutter is released on September 9, 2019.

Why Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development

1. Solo codebase

Flutter works with a solo codebase for both iOS and Android Apps. That means that developers do not need to code independently for both Android and iOS operating systems. This facility helps them rapidly improve application quality, design, and speed so that more new users get associated with the apps.

2. Dart as a programming language

Flutter uses Dart as the programming language and that provides assured benefits to the developers. First, the Dart is Google’s in-house production so it was better suited for Flutter. The second is the Dart uses a reactive framework that handles both side front-end and back-end on its own.

3. Usage of customizable widgets

The flutter has different widgets that implement the Human Interface Design descriptions for iOS that ensure a natural custom experience on iPhones and iPads. These widgets offer layouts and flexible APIs for animations, properties, gestures and much more.

4. Provide Native themes for iOS/Android

Flutter provides different native themes for both the operating system Android and iOS. This facility allows taking a faster run time decisions on which UI shows to users based on their OS. It also has numerous design elements such as fonts, icons, styles to safeguard for that a user gets the native User Experience on both platforms.

5. Stateful hot reload

With Flutter’s ‘Stateful Hot Reload’ and ‘Hot Restart’ functionality developers boost their productivity by providing them to see their updated changes within a second. If you change anything in the app structure that changes are visible in just 10 seconds. ‘Stateful Hot Reload’ simply refreshes the app UI quickly as webpage reloads and that helps the developer to save 40% of their time.

6. Countless packages and wide-ranging community

There are a plethora of open-source packages (for example, to open images, share media, etc.) for Flutter that helps developers create apps much faster and with ease. This library, supporting both Android and iOS, is growing exponentially with the help of the ever-growing developer community.

7. Strong design experience

Thanks to Flutter’s spotless implementation for the design provisions, With the Flutter, you can easily create powerful and innovative UI experience. That is a massive benefit especially seeing how tough it is to copycat native-level experience from side to side cross-platform development.

8. Supports a variety of IDEs

Flutter is friendly with various IDEs, like Android Studio, VS Code and much more. These kinds it easy to work with and available for the huge amount of developers who are comfortable with any of the IDEs.

9. Cool animations

As per the Flutter Live 2018 announcement, 2-Dimension Flare is an online tool that makes the animation process easy and you can create outstanding animations. With a thin culture curve for developers, it helps decrease the time to apply changes that need animations.

10. Create apps for mobile, desktop and the web

As per the Flutter Live 2018 deceleration, Hummingbird lets developers use the same code to Develop Apps for Mobile, desktops and web, and it’s all at the same time.

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Want to build an app with Flutter?

With several benefits of Flutter for Mobile App Development, it is no wonder that some of the best ground-breaking apps have been built using Flutter. Some of the renowned examples of Flutter apps are Google Ads, AppTree and Alibaba. Flutter provides many advantages like faster programming and testing times, cross-platform abilities with native-level experience, glibber apps and UI designs that your users will love to interrelate with. If you are in the hunt for the same kind of mobile app (For Android, iOS, Linux and Windows) for your industry, then XcelTec is a one-stop solution for you! Quick Inquiry

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