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MVC Application Development at XcelTec

MVC is probably the most commonly selected model for application development technology in ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) is a framework for building web applications using architectural design.

MVC is the web framework for user interfaces

The platform provides us with a lot of helpers, which accelerate the formation of the code.

It separates an application into three main layers: Models, Views, and Controllers.

M stands for model.

V stands for view.

C stands for controller.

Model Responsibilities

Model represents the part of the application that handles the logic for application data and any business logic or operations that should be performed by it.

Mainly the Model object retrieves and stores data in a database or form.

View Responsibilities

Views are responsible for presenting content through the user interface.

Views use the Razor syntax to convert .NET code into HTML markup.

There should be minimal logic within views, and any logic in them should related to presenting content.

Views are created from model data.

Views are responsible for the presentation of data provided by the controller.

It is here that we use HTML, CSS and other languages to manage our website.

Controller Responsibilities

The Controller is the part of the application that handles user interaction.

It is the bridge between the Model and the View.

Typically the Controller reads the data from the View and sends input data to the model.

The code contained data processing mechanism both those downloaded from the database and user inputted in form.

The controller has the ability to manage information from the base model, the sending of data to the model, which can save the data in the database, to send data to the view that is displayed or the user to call another controller for further processing.

Important advantages of MVC Model:

  1. Faster development process:

MVC supports rapid and parallel development. MVC manages complexity because of its separated nature of model-view-controller makes it easier to manage the complexity of large applications and keep it well organized. it is faster test-driven development.

  1. Business logic developers can build the classes, while the UI developers can involve in designing UI screens simultaneously, resulting the interdependency issues and time conservation.
  2. UI updations can be made without slowing down the business logic process.
  3. Business logic rules changes are very less that needs the revision / updations of the UI.

Hence this way, the application developed using MVC model can be completed three times faster than applications that are developed using other development pattern.

Some functions and classes of MVC can even be auto-created to save time.


  1. Ability to provide multiple views:

In the MVC Model, you can create multiple views for a model. Today, there is an increasing demand for new ways to access your application and for that MVC development is certainly a great solution. Moreover, in this method, Code duplication is very limited because it separates data and business logic from the display.


  1. MVC Supports asynchronous technique:

The MVC architecture can also integrate with the JavaScript Framework. This means that MVC applications can be made to work with applications outside web pages, such as PDF documents, site-specific browsers, and also with desktop widgets. It also supports asynchronous technique, which helps developers to develop an application that loads very fast.


  1. Modification does not affect the entire model:

Any changes in model does not affect the entire visual part of application because model part does not depend on the views part. Therefore, any changes in the Model will not affect the entire architecture. It is obvious that you make frequent changes in your web application like changing fonts, colors, screen layouts, and adding new device support for mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, in MVC pattern adding new type of views are very easy. The UI developers can focus only on the UI screens without involved in business logic.


  1. MVC model returns the data without formatting:

In MVC pattern models returns data without applying any formatting. Hence, the same components can be used and called for use with any view/interface. For example, any kind of data can be formatted with HTML, but it could also be formatted with some other editor such as Dream viewer or Macromedia Flash.


  1. SEO friendly Development platform:

MVC platform supports development of SEO friendly URL structures. A good structure can help the indexation process of your website. Using this platform, it is very easy to develop SEO-friendly URLs to generate more visits from a specific application. This development architecture is commonly used in the Test Driven Development applications. Moreover, Scripting languages like jQuery and JavaScript can be integrated with MVC to develop feature rich web applications.

MVC is a best way to solve developers issues on time, everyone have been turning to MVC frameworks which promise better maintainability and increasing productivity and quality in code. Thus gaining more momentum in business growth.


We provide .net application development services. If you would like to talk to one of our certified .net developers, please get in touch with us at Xceltec Solutions.


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