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Flutter 3.16 — What’s New In Flutter App Development

Flutter, Google’s open-source framework for creating powerful user interfaces, has taken another step forward with its latest stable release, Flutter 3.16. Launched on November 15th, this version introduces exciting new features and enhancements, further establishing Flutter as a leading option for developing mobile and web applications. In this overview, we’ll explore the key highlights of […]
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SkillIQ Blog 12-12-2022

What’s New in Flutter 3: The Ultimate Guide

We are incredibly proud to announce Flutter 3!  We are excited to announce that Flutter is now stable on macOS, Linux, and Windows, in addition to Windows! Amazing performance improvements for web & mobile updates with adding support for Apple Silicon .. Flutter 3 is live and ready for production on all desktop platforms system […]
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Should I Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development
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Should I Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development?

These days, the competition among the business is ferocious than it ever has been. This completion ratio forcing IT Companies to continuously research for something new to stay on the top in their industry.
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