PhoneGAP Application Development
PhoneGAP Application Development

Recently, there has been a phenomenal increase in the usage of apps on smartphones and tablets. A lot of people are seeking cross-platform or platform independent mobile apps that can function without a hitch on various mobile platforms. It is a tedious task to create individual apps for distinct technology platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. If you are looking to create a mobile app for your business, then you should definitely consider using the PhoneGap Application Development Services as a singular solution covering all the important platforms.

PhoneGap is a mobile based open source development framework, which lets developers to construct mobile apps across platforms with the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. XcelTec is renowned for our proficiency in developing quick and widespread cross-platform mobile applications with the open source PhoneGap development framework. We develop apps that are fine-tuned to match with your specific needs. Our expert and talented PhoneGap developers develop mobile apps that function flawlessly across the different important mobile platforms and operating systems.

XcelTec’s PhoneGap developers possess broad expertise in creating vibrant mobile apps in the below mentioned fields of business:

  • Healthcare and Lifestyle
  • Retail
  • Business
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Social Networking
  • Entertainment

We provide the following PhoneGap Development Services

  • A comprehensive mobile solution for your business with the help of PhoneGap
  • Re-drafting present mobile applications with innovative modifications
  • PhoneGap Consulting Solutions
  • Creation of PhoneGap plug-ins
  • Developing mobile forms of presently functional ecommerce or web-based businesses.
  • Distinctly tailored app development to fulfill your business necessities.

Reasons to select XcelTec for developing using PhoneGap

  • Qualified and skilled PhoneGap developers working on your individualized developed project in a dedicated manner
  • A group of steadfast PhoneGap developers talented at creating top-notch mobile apps, which are compliant with W3C technologies and standards.
  • Widespread experience in creating mobile apps using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery
  • Our developers possess capability that spans across creation of cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.
  • Comprehensive evaluation and porting of apps for various mobile platforms
  • Complete discretion and forthrightness all the way through the project
  • Around the clock technical assistance and upkeep
  • Individualization, assimilation, installation, deployment and execution of third-party and open source app bundles and other comparable apps.

Summary of the plus points in going for XcelTec PhoneGap Technology

Gaining from their perfectly clear fundamentals in 2D & 3D libraries

Full safeguarding to data & IP

The most superior team of PhoneGap developers in the industry is assigned to your task

Non-rigid recruiting choices

Sustaining ultra-high levels of discretion

Complete, round-the-clock technical assistance and upkeep

Total transparency during the span of the entire project