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Recruitment Process At XcelTec

XcelTec follows a simple process of Connect – Engage – On Board when it comes to recruiting new Tech Talents.

The general practice of posting a job ad on job portals and waiting for candidates to send resume are gone for good. When hiring for IT field, one needs to adapt to new methods of recruiting and constantly try them out. It’s something new every day to work on new combination which will work and bring you the most and best candidates.

What does XcelTec’s technical hiring process look like?

XcelTec believes in keeping the things Simple and Transparent for all its Current and Future Employees.

All candidates undergo similar screening process at XcelTec. We take the initial phone interview with outstation candidates and also local candidates if required. When candidates successfully pass the initial screening conversation, we then invite them to join us on-site to meet the hiring manager and the technical head.

Initial round of interview is taken by the Hiring Head. On completion of the HR round and candidate found suitable for the profile, candidate is passed on to the Technical Head for the final round of interview which includes practical test that offer a platform for candidates wherein they can showcase their technical skills.

On cracking the final round with Tech Head, Offer is released to the candidate welcoming to join XcelTec Family!!!

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