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Virtual employees are necessary to hire in order to complete the projects in a timely manner. Now, XcelTec is here to give customized services through a dedicated development team to meet & fills the needs of the company. 

When you hire a dedicated development team from us, you will receive experienced advice like: 

AR/VR Developers | Chat Bot Developers | IoT Developers | UX/UI Designers | Other

The Following are XcelTec's Virtual Employee Offerings:

Looking for a Virtual Employee / Remote Developer?

Virtual employees are necessary to hire in order to complete the projects in a timely manner. Now, XcelTec is here to give customized services through a dedicated development team to meet & fills the needs of the company. 

We provide customized employment options to fit your project’s needs.

Have You Come Across the Term "Virtual Employees" Earlier?

Let’s take a closer look at what it means.
A virtual employee functions in the same way as a real employee for your company. They do not, however, come to your business or physical site to deliver services; instead, they do so remotely.
Virtual employees are a cost-effective alternative for small firms to compete and expand their operations. It’s not just about how much you pay your staff directly, but virtual employee salaries are sometimes competitive. Going this approach, however, will save you money on overhead costs such as office space and equipment.
Virtual employees, on the other hand, work for a single company. This offers the employer more influence over a variety of areas of their employee’s jobs, including what duties they perform and how much they are paid. They’re just like a regular employee, only they don’t work in your office!

The Upsides of Hiring Virtual Employees for Your Business

Here are some of those lesser-known advantages that come from hiring remote workers:

How to Hire A Virtual Employee?

Hiring a virtual employee doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s exactly what you need to do:

How to Easily Manage a Virtual Team?

As virtual employees are not in the same office as others, they could face issues with:

Is this a sign that virtual teams are doomed? No!
Luckily, they have tons of tools that can solve all these problems. Here’s a closer look at what you need, what we provide: 

Do You Need Experienced Virtual Employees?

On-Demand Recruiting

The on-demand recruitment approach has recently gained prominence. A recruiter works on an hourly or project basis in this position. Simply terms, you have the authority to add or remove recruiters and hours from your project as needed.

On the Spot Hiring

One of the most widely used recruitment methods is crisis hiring. This approach is built on a set of agreed-upon terms and conditions with clients, and it provides organisations with personnel on a need-to-know basis.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

It is becoming increasingly popular as firms explore ways to improve their in-house procedures. This concept is where the corporation outsources the full recruitment process.

Hiring Virtual Employees is Easier

Many firms are considering a hybrid virtual model that blends remote work with time in the office as they prepare for the post-pandemic future. This wise decision comes after a period of excellent production gains during the pandemic, as it takes off the financial burden.

Think about it!

When your staff are thousands of miles apart, they would be able to do things like:

All of this becomes a lot easier with Xceltec.

Do you need experienced Virtual Employees?

To give virtual employees, XcelTec pre-defines and prepares the models & has top managerial abilities with all of the most effective tools for getting work done swiftly.

Get ready to connect right in with XcelTec.

We train our associates in what clients require based on their existing abilities, experience, and interests, we have experienced virtual employees to serve the client’s needs based on the principles of the Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service – Book by Ken Blanchard & Sheldon M. Bowles. They’re also professionals at making outsourcing simple to make your dream turn into reality.

Offshore Process for Hiring Developers from XcelTec

XcelTec operates the mission of “Delivering Excellence in Technology” by constantly converting customers’ requirements into creative & valuable solutions. We uphold forthrightness, the extent of fulfilment & reliability with our much-appreciated customers by creating a mainstay of work ethics, and constant improvement. With immense pride and confidence, we can state that we are positively treading the same path matching our mission.

Offshore process:

We Are Offering:

Our Team Work

The majority of our projects at XcelTec are completed using either a fixed fee model or a dedicated team approach. In both models, we assign the below team to dent, ensuring that the customer receives a high-quality product.

Reporting System

Daily report – will be sent by developers at the end of the day to summarize the task completed, plan for tomorrow and any query/ input require.

Weekly report – will send by PM summarizing the tasks/ modules completed in a week, plan for next week along with query/ inputs require completing the same.

Bi-weekly demo – As discussed, we will keep a bi-weekly sprint here and give you a bi-weekly demo/walkthrough about the complete functionalities in the project which help all to review the status & to make sure we are on the same page in development.

Are You Ready to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

Hire specialized developers from XcelTec for your project and adapt the plan to your expenditure. Hire qualified and trustworthy programmers to transform your insights into a magnificent result.

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