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Web & eCommerce Development Services

Divine Web & eCommerce Development

Be a leader of your industry with the dynamic web platform.

Web & E-commerce development has advancement over the years, from an enterprise web page to modern customized web development, now you have many technologies than ever before to reach your marketing goals. Your website is the first belief of your company to users. We help our associates in developing their business by developing a web platform and gear up a relationship with their users.

The website developed by us does as a perfect platform for your users to help them to see your company’s cultures and values. We at XcelTec work to furnish a quality website that presents value for each and every business.

Why Choose XcelTec for eCommerce Development

Our expert web developers team has comprehensive knowledge for building websites with different technologies and creating an attractive online store using various technologies like BigCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, and much more. We are successfully delivered an attractive online experience to the customers and maximize their conversions. We give flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions that offer faster time to market and build vital customer traffic.

More in Web & eCommerce Development Services

E-Commerce Development

Go with digital trends and make your business exist worldwide by the online platform. Peer-to-peer interaction for a business dealing is the priority for mercantile dealings and profitable for e-commerce business. Get the experience professional and best e-commerce website designing and development from XcelTec as per your business needs.


E-commerce Application Development

Responsive E-commerce Website

E-Commerce Theme Integration

Custom E-Commerce Development

There are many businesses that use online dais to represent their business and these businesses may need something extra than other traditional e-commerce websites. Custom e-commerce websites need different features and functionalities that must be related to the products that the client is selling online. XcelTec provides vast features to help the clients pursue their users effectively.


We provide custom e-commerce solutions to our clients using the best tools in the industry such as Magento, WordPress, Joomla, etc. These tools are known to offers the developers to design the website according to the needs of the client.


Custom Joomla development
Custom WordPress development
Custom Magento development
Custom ZEN CART development

Content Management System

A premier thing for any website to be in the top is with its content which imparts precise explanation of an organization or business. As a result, oriented marketing aim needs fresh content, we provide development, writing, editing, analysis and more to formation your website.


CMS Web Development
Compatible CMS

Payment Gateway

A powerful payment system is an essential requirement which needs to be powerful and functional so that the payment assets don’t get lost in the traffic. There is also much menace that the transaction faces which needs to be secure with the help of the payment gateway. There are numerous security add-ons which are coordinated into the platform by our developers which will guarantee a secure payment gateway module.


The robust payment gateway merged into your application by our developers will help you set up a trustful relationship with your users. The payment gateway methods will assure a secure payment method across different service providers.


Faster payment transaction
100 % secure transaction
Return policy supported
Complete user data security

Module Customization

The modules accessible on online platforms have a predefined primed of designs and functionalities. These modules help the developer to bring off the content in the most fascinating way. These modules have a fixed design which can be customized by developers which can be ordered according to your needs. The expert developers make changes in the base layouts of the modules and set up the platform related to the needs of clients.


Responsive themes
Search-engine friendly
Guaranteed performance
Custom plug-in development

Hire Dedicated Web Developers

We at XcelTec have the skillful resources and know-how to make any website and E-commerce platform that fulfills your needs. We use the latest software technologies trends for providing the best services for website and e-commerce development, CMS development, Offshore development, custom e-commerce development. You can hire Web developers from us on a project or a monthly basis.


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