Telemedicine & E-healthcare Solution


MyCare is the best telemedicine & E-healthcare platform as a services provider where patients connect with doctors, pharmacies and hospitals over a secure platform.


My Care is an app that links patients to doctors via a secure mobile phone platform. Patients can communicate not just with their doctors, but also with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories. Hospitals and doctors can provide care to more patients while still being paid. Patients can visit their pharmacies and laboratory at any time and from any location. Patients can access all of their medical information with the My Care app.


MyCare is a Telemedicine Application & digital healthcare service provider driven by visionary leaders and a strong team of co-dreamers.

MyCare goal is to only “Promote wellness for Body, Mind, and Spirit” by striving to continuously build innovative technology in healthcare delivery, beyond medicine, that is uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring; in short, changing the way healthcare service is delivered and managed globally. They are committed to further improving existing E-medical care technology by giving people the ability to carry their health records with them in a portable, user-friendly, and secure manner.