Major Ides That Are Commonly Used for Web Application in Node.js?

Node.js is a strong runtime for JavaScript. It has been a developer’s choice as it is increasingly employed in enterprise-level application development.


Node.js can smoothly manage asynchronous and concurrent connections in your application. For the same reason, it is employed in the development of high-performance and rapid applications. All of these benefits are enough to convince some of the world’s most successful and well-known companies, such as IBM, Yahoo, SAP, Walmart, and others, to use the Node.js framework.


Despite the fact that end-users and application owners require Node.js software development services on a regular basis, developers must speed up and streamline the NodeJS application SDLC. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), which combine a source code editor, construction automation, autocomplete, debugging, translator, and more in a single system with a growing Emphasis, came to the assistance of developers.

The Best Node JS IDEs for App Development

IntelliJ IDEA

This excellent editor supports Node.js, Angular.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, React, and other languages. IntelliJ IDEA is the finest IDE for Node js application development since it has so many built-in development aids, database tools, version control systems, and a decompiler. It was created by JetBrains and is thus a trustworthy solution. Developers can use this Node.js IDE to write code, execute it, debug it, and inspect the results.

Eclipse Che

It’s a cloud-based javascript IDE and developer workspace server, or as they put it, “really next-generation.” For large projects involving several organisations and people working on and monitoring the code, Eclipse is the best Node.js IDE. Eclipse Che can be used as a browser-based IDE as well as applications.


Cloud9 is a popular choice among NodeJS developers. This is a free Node JS IDE that is cloud-based, similar to the previous IDE on our list. It may be used to create Node.js applications, PHP projects, and much more. It includes a key-binding editor, a function that allows for a live preview of the application, and an image editor, among other features that make it a formidable IDE.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code from Microsoft supports NodeJS and makes it easy to compile your project. It is another well-known, open-source NodeJS application framework that developers may use to create applications. You’ll need to install the NodeJS runtime on your computer to do this.


If you’re a development team looking for a free NodeJS IDE to use for your next project, Codenvy is the best IDE for node js development. Its cloud workspace allows nodeJS developers to code using portable Docker runtimes. If you’ve started a disaster, Codenvy has an issue management feature as well as a version control method.

Final Thought

In the IT sector, Node.js programming is gaining popularity. This runtime is well-known for allowing developers to create lightweight programmes, but it also speeds up the development process. Simply utilise the best IDE for NodeJS development to make your projects run more smoothly.

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