Product Re-Engineering
Product Re-Engineering Solutions

With more than a decade of experience and expertise in the IT realm, the XcelTec promoter team has established a well-earned reputation in providing product re-engineering solutions. Product engineering needs a considerable extent of technical knowhow, a finer grasp of the IT procedures, SDLC and a fervent desire in clientele distinction.

What is Product Re-Engineering?

Product re-engineering involves changing an already present product for its betterment. This includes rectifying its bugs and mistakes, appending additional features in conjunction with reduced down-times. One of the most popular and common ways to do product re-engineering is by reverse engineering. The essence of product re-engineering is to improve the functionality and efficiency of a specific product by integrating new options and facilities into it. Cutting-edge, contemporary methodologies and tools are utilized to optimize the product according to suitability.

A customer company may prefer to implement the re-engineering process for various needs and reasons.

  • To satisfy the requirements of their growing or diversifying business
  • Updating their existing tools to their latest version compatible with modern technology

XcelTec provides you a complete re-engineering solutions package based on which we assist our customers to attain their professional objectives.

Product Re-Engineering Advantages

  • Re-engineering aids in appending additional features to an already present product and therefore, helps you to save on future expenditure for re-structuring or re-developing their apps – lowering expenses and time
  • Putting Modern Technology to Use: Product re-engineering can help in employing modern technology to improve the lifetime and durability of already available apps.
  • Time involved and costs can be curtailed in training the users which would not be the case if application re-development from the scratch had occurred.

With XcelTec Re-Engineering You Get:

  • Ideation of Product
  • Designing Architecture
  • Development & Implementation
  • Assurance of Quality
  • Product Assistance
  • Training & Documentation
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