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Why FileMaker Pro Becoming So Popular for Custom App Development

What is FileMaker Pro?

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform database application program developed by the subsidiary of Apple Inc. (Claris International). FileMaker Pro is a mixture of a database engine with the GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows users to organize the data into screens, layouts or forms and manage contacts and projects. At first, the FileMaker Pro was designed to work with Apple computers but then it also available on windows platform.

The important aspect of FileMaker Pro is that users do not need a programming skill to use it. It consists of more than 30 integrated starter solutions that help App Developers or users to rapidly handle the important task.


FileMaker Pro developed from a Disk Operating System (DOS) application, but then was evolved mainly for Apple mac and released in April 1985. It has been available for Windows and Mac OS and cross-platform since 1992. FileMaker server momentarily runs on Linux but thereafter that only run on Windows and macOS servers. In July 2019 a client version out for iOS devices and is available on desktop, server, iOS, and web delivery configurations. A FileMaker cloud was introduced in 2016 and currently, a FileMaker becomes so popular for Custom App Development.

FileMaker Pro’s Capabilities & its Features:

Since its launch, FileMaker Pro was released in several versions from first versions to advanced FileMaker and FileMaker Go is also available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Some of FileMaker Pro’s Key Capabilities Include:

Forming a Custom Database: You can use FileMaker Pro for creating a customizable database that suits your exceptional requirements.


Creating Reports: As the program offers step-by-step reporting tools that we can use to handle and automate user tasks. With FileMaker Pro, we can generate email reports in PDF or Excel effortlessly.


Broadcasting Data on the Web: FileMaker allows users to safely publish their databases on the Web in a few clicks. Users can also create surveys, customer feedback forms, registration sites, and much more.


Sharing the Data: FileMaker Pro allows the users to share the data with both Mac and Windows users securely. They can share the databases to a network with an extreme of nine other users.


Normally FileMaker Pro deals with fields records and is relative with forming data into layouts. With FileMaker, we can add several tables in one document. The following modes are used to done work.


Layout Mode: This model describes the presence of data on the screen.


Find Mode: This mode locates records from a table.


Preview Mode: This mode delivers a preview of data before it is printed.


Browse Mode: This mode lets you allow data to be entered and viewed.


The one benefit for FileMaker Pro is that you entered data once and you can views that data in many ways. As per the user requirement, we can display some field and layouts. All these features attract developers to choose FileMaker for their client’s custom

Why Choose XcelTec for FileMaker Custom App Development?

Useless to say that startups and technology go hand in hand. In today’s time and date, it is predictable for startups to function with technology, and in fact, most of these features are dependent on technology completely. With technology comes a frightening need for app development. As a leading web and Mobile App Development Company XcelTec adhere to FileMaker App Developers at the organization developed mobile apps that are customizable according to the client’s requirements, and that can be used easily.

Services We Serve in FileMaker Pro:

  • FileMaker Pro iPhone App Development
  • FileMaker Custom Apps
  • FileMaker iPad App Development
  • FileMaker Pro Windows Applications

Why Choose XcelTec:

  • Ability in latest development technological trends
  • Keep off unplanned costs
  • Strictly follow the project target & deadlines
  • The project Scalability is beyond comparison
  • Resource flexibility
  • The team is reachable irrespective of time and place

XcelTec Developed POS System with FileMaker Pro

We were approached by the client to make an app that manages the POS System according to the new tax changes in Fiji country. Recently the Fiji government made some changes in their tax system so his thought was to manage the software applications or hardware devices whose main function is to safeguard an invoice in offline mode and deliver audit packages to Tax Service. From the technical point of view, they need a middleware component that connects the POS system to secure element and enables standardized communication with Tax Core Backend API. XcelTec fulfills all the requirement of the client by giving them a beautiful Full-featured POS system that manages the Tax calculation automatically and reduces the manipulation of tax.

Some Features that we integrate into our developed FileMaker POS system

  • Generate Invoice Automatically
  • Multiple sales reports complete with graphs and charts.
  • Simple interface for sale transactions
  • Easily find items and add them to the order.
  • Automatic billing counting

Want to Develop a FileMaker App?

The FileMaker app became a sudden success among its users. If you are in the hunt for the same kind of mobile app (For iOS and Windows) such as shopping mall, groceries shop, clothing store or much more then XcelTec is a one-stop solution for you.

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