How XcelTec Can Help You with Low-Cost Android App Development Services?

Android is the most impressive and easy-to-use versatile stage that has set a benchmark by offering special and creative elements. Organizations can use these imaginative elements to offer a better client experience than their clients. XcelTec is perhaps the most announced company developing best-in-the-class android applications. The amazing part is, that these applications cover every […]
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How XcelTec Will Help You Increase Customers & Sales Through Android App Development?

You know people are continuously developing towards comfort level when they are looking for a mobile app. They are taking over various areas like social media, telecommunication, business, commerce, and shopping. There is still some hesitation about the benefits of mobile apps. Mobile web can help in increasing awareness of the business and traffic. This […]
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Why Choose XcelTec Company For Outsourcing App Development?

Once you’ve decided to create a mobile application for your business, you will face a tough choice. Is it better to hire your own in-house development team or find an outsourcing mobile app development company? In this article, we’ll dig into the specifics of the latter option. Why Choose XcelTec For Outsourcing App Development; If […]
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Remote | Virtual Employee | Dedicated Team Hiring

Looking for a Virtual Employee / Remote Developer? Let’s take the first step in hiring a skilful remote developer! Hiring specialised developers from a reputable web and mobile app development organization, like Xceltec, who ensures your work is completed professionally, on schedule & to your satisfaction. We provide a customize of employment options to fit […]
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5 Years Enchanting Success Journey

Absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news! Yes, it’s hard to believe, but we’re 5  years old now – mature but young & full of vigor. 5 years of XcelTec in the journey of its success gives a great joy & pride. From the beginning, Xceltec has been laying a solid foundation. We are really […]
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Laravel 8 with jetstream

What is Laravel? Laravel is a PHP based open-source web framework for building high-end applications using its significant and graceful syntaxes. It comes with a robust collection of tools and provides application architecture. Moreover, it includes various characteristics of MVC based architectures. It facilitates developers by saving huge time and helps reduce thinking and planning […]
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AMPLE: A personalized Artificial Intelligence Video Bot with widgets.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence: Two most powerful weapons for any business. Businesses are using chatbots to enhance their customer experience, save money and for sales automation. Chatbot has proven its ability by providing instant support and personalized services. Chatbots are very helpful for solving customer queries, typical service requests, or locating the right products and […]
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Testimonial of our client Exam Launch organization

What is Exam Launch? Making ground to develop a web app and desktop app that can provide online examination with student. Explore everything you would like to understand about online exam proctoring, including the most important features of online remote proctoring. Exam Launch provides those tools for an organization to continue the evaluation in the […]
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Online Virtual E-commerce Store with 3D, AR and VR Technologies

Hello and welcome to XcelTec Interactive Private Limited – A CMMI Level 3 Company! We offer special services & solutions that will help optimize your online shop. You can choose different options such as patterns, fabrics, colors, design etc. Created with the assistance of extended reality tools, a web virtual store bridges the gap between […]
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Hybrid Mobile Application Development Using Flutter Development Services

Hybrid mobile application development using flutter is transitioning from a cross-platform mobile development SDK for Android/iOS into a tool that permits you to run an equivalent code natively during a browser on Windows, Linux and macOS. With Flutter 2, non-mobile Flutter development is beginning to become more viable. Developers use Flutter for Android and iOS app […]
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