What Exactly Are Yii2 Helpers Indicate?

We are guiding readers through the Yii2 Framework for PHP in the Programming With Yii2 series. We will give a quick overview of helpers in this tutorial. Helpers are easy-to-extend modules in Yii that bundle together commonly used libraries for text, file, image, URL, and HTML administration, among other things.
We will also show you how to make a helper in Meeting Planner, which is the subject of our Envato Tuts+ startup series.
Many classes in Yii make ordinary coding tasks like string or array manipulation, HTML code generation, and so on much easier. These helper classes are all static classes and are organised in the Yii helpers namespace (meaning they contain only static properties and methods and should not be instantiated).

In the Yii releases, you'll find the following fundamental helper classes:

Let's move forward to the deep explanation of Helper Libraries for Yii2

Helpers are essentially thematically targeted coding support modules. The following is a list of helpers included with Yii2—this list is currently a little more up to date than the documentation and menus:


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