How to Hire Developers for VR and AR Projects?

In the games industry, hiring Unity, Unreal, and other engine programmers has always been a good idea. New companies are racing to recruit workers into AR, making it even more difficult to hire individuals. This makes finding people who can work in AR much more challenging. Discovering and recruiting good individuals is difficult, but let’s look at some strategies for finding and employing outstanding employees.


AR developers require a wide range of expertise, making it difficult to locate qualified candidates. Computer vision, 3D modelling, and programming for desktops, tablets, and phones are all required abilities for augmented reality developers. Texturing, shading, and rendering are all crucial components of 3D modelling. Programming language preferences vary by platform, but they’re usually C++, C#, or another language similar to that. You should enjoy trying new things if you want to work as an AR developer. This is due to the industry’s constant innovation and the creation of new products. Because much of the technology comes from university-based research, retaining new research in the sector is critical.

Before agreeing, request to see a proof of concept

People that apply for jobs aim to make an impact and stand out from the crowd by creating a portfolio-worthy project. You have to see it to believe it when it comes to both virtual reality & augmented reality. There are numerous apps available that demonstrate how things function, and your first query should be, “Can I view one of these?” I realise the proof of concept may be a touch rough around the edges. Instead, utilise it to determine how competent a developer is at what they do and how well they comprehend your project.

You should look for talents in the vertical business

Because augmented and virtual reality technologies might be difficult to grasp while creating an app, you’ll need to go beyond the fundamentals of augmented and virtual reality development. You should look for someone who has worked in your business or handled a challenge comparable to yours in another industry. Gaming differs significantly from, say, shopping. Toys are far apart from logistics. The same is true in the corporate world. AR has some technical constraints, but businesses have their own. Instead of leveraging current talents that can be employed in the future, you start from scratch in this situation. This can lengthen the development process and put your project in danger, so proceed with caution.

Final Thought

However, if you want to stay competitive in the lucrative AR market, you must be able to produce the things you desire, for which XcelTec can help you. If you utilise the checklist above, you’ll be able to identify a virtual and augmented reality developer who can complete your project on time and on budget while also providing content that can be used on a variety of devices.

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