WordPress 6.1 : New Features that Come with the Updated Version

Recent updates released by WordPress aimed at improving stability, efficiency and user experience of the content management system. WordPress 6.1’s early roadmap, published by Matas Ventura from the core development team in early June 2022, covered the key areas of work planned for the release of 6.1, which took place on this day, November 1, 2022.


The tune of the release will be to refine the experiences introduced in 5.9 and 6.0, weave the various flows into more coherent and fulfilling experiences for users, maintainers, and extenders, and close some gaps in functionality as we start to look towards Phase 3 of the Gutenberg roadmap,” Ventura said at the time.

Areas Focused on while developing the WordPress 6.1

The initial roadmap shared by the executive from the core development team identified five key development areas.


  • Template editor

  • Building with patterns

  • Global styles

  • Blocks and design tools

  • Themes and wider adoptions

Template Editor

The modified template editor allowed users to explore , visualize and alter the structure of their site with little to no understanding of underlying code thanks to changes. The changes in the editor makes it easier to distinguish between global components like templates, template pieces and styles with the aim of harmonizing the user interfaces of template editor and post editor.

Building With Patterns

The “Building with Patterns” article, which appeared somewhat later in the WordPress 6.0 development cycle, highlighted the potential of block patterns, which the development team was also eager to fully realize. This feature of WordPress 6.1 would enable patterns to be at the heart of the creative experience for regular users. It would be possible to customize patterns for block kinds and custom post types. It was anticipated that work will be done to manage stored patterns and enhance the block locking experience.


Global Styles

Updates to the main interface and user experience, the styles variations panel, web font and typography customization, cross-block components, per-block styles and supports, and block style variations are all part of the WordPress core development team’s continuing global styles plan.


Blocks and Design Tools

While enhancing support for limitations, privileges, and curated presets, progress would be made on the global styles interface. To increase consistency, dependability, and user pleasure, the 6.1 release should enable users to control web fonts, provide responsive typography, and enhance the blocks toolkit.


Themes and Wider Adoption

The team would deal with concerns relating to the slow adoption of features like template components on current legacy themes. As well as considering theme switching routines and how to utilize new style and template options, it would also consider if it would be feasible to have more widespread access to theme.json editing.


New Features in WordPress 6.1

Let’s get started exploring WordPress 6.1’s Official Features.

On October 11, Release Candidate 1 was made accessible. It was the conclusion of a great deal of collaboration since Beta 3: almost 100 issues had been resolved, and there had been more than 2,000 updates and bug fixes since the introduction of WordPress 6.0 in May 2022. On October 18, Release Candidate 2, on October 25, Release Candidate 3, on October 25, Release Candidate 4, and Release Candidate 5, on October 28 were all released after it.

The Third and last Major WordPress release of the year is version 6.1. The Following is New :


New Features for End-Users:

  • The new default theme comes with 10 distinct style variations.

  • more design tools that can be used across more blocks.

  • a more extensive and improved template experience, including template choices.

  • greater familiarity with document settings.

  • Enhancements to quote and list blocks with support for inner blocks.

  • robust placeholders for different blocks.

  • Modal interface enhancements and refinements.

  • Fallbacks and automatic navigation block selection for simpler menu management.

  • One click will apply locking settings to all inner blocks.

  • Enhancements to the experience of discovering block themes.

  • Updates on accessibility, with more than 60 tickets resolved.

  • Performance improvements, with over 25 tickets resolved.

New Features for Developers:

  • the choice to use appearance tools to strengthen any theme.

  • Changes to the style system.

  • Any post type can have beginning patterns.

  • Layout option evolution, including a new limited option and the capacity to turn off layout choices.

  • patterns for content lock-down for more curated selections.

  • support for query loop blocks has been expanded.

  • Allow the utilization of block-based template components in traditional themes.

  • Filter the data in theme.json.

  • It is possible to offer enhanced responsiveness using fluid typography.

  • The ability to customize blocks’ internal components, such as buttons, headers, or captions.

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