What Are the Roles of React Hooks of MERN Stack Websites?

Updating a core paradigm in your React app might be as simple as searching and replacing, or as challenging as convincing your whole frontend tech team to support it. Migrating to React Hooks may fall into the latter category, but with multiple benefits, like an enhanced user experience and greater scale-ability, it is well worth the effort.

React Redux is used to build the Confluent Cloud UI. As the size of our web application and the number of developers expand, it becomes increasingly important to concentrate on three essential issues:

  • Readability of code
  • Reusability of code
  • Test coverage is provided for both unit and integration tests.
We migrated our React components to use React Hooks to address these concerns. This blog article discusses the benefits of React Hooks and shows how we refactored regular React containers and components to React Hooks in the Confluent UI. Our dedicated software development team acquired some valuable lessons along the road, such as how to correctly apply memoization while utilising Hooks. This blog article delves into the advantages and lessons learnt from implementing Hooks in our frontend codebase.


The use of React Hooks has three advantages: reusability, readability, and testability.


One advantage of React Hooks is that they allow you to separate irrelevant logic code from lifecycle functions. Consider the “Updating Clock and Resize” component, which accomplishes only two things:

  • Every second, a clock is updated.
  • Adds a listener to the resize event and shows the newly resized content.

Final Thought

React Hooks vastly enhances code reusability, readability, and integration testing simplicity. We’ve learnt at XcelTec to deal with rendering difficulties by employing memoization correctly while using React Hooks. To help you use React Hook best practices, acquaint yourself with the guidelines and FAQ for React Hooks.

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