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Why you should choose Ruby on Rails for web app development?

Every year, we are bombarded with articles announcing the extinction of this gem of a framework. And, considering the fact that Ruby on Rails (RoR) is nearly 15 years old, it is far from extinct in the programming community. You may be curious why Ruby on Rails is used. In fact, RoR is a better match for many use cases than any other method.


What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on rails has taken the world by storm. It is one of the most flexible, start-up-friendly, and well-supported frameworks. Ruby On Rails app development has helped many successful businesses and companies to build their website. But why numerous startups & robust companies picked and continue RoR as their technology platform? The primary thing for a web product startup is a fast, stable, and secure business solution. Also, Ruby on Rails is reliable and cost-effective framework assuring a fresh start.

Ruby on rails or ROR is an open-source framework used for creating web applications. It is still considered as one of the general-purpose scripting languages which were developed  almost two decades ago. A creative mixture of HTML, CSS & JavaScript files in Ruby assists in shaping clean and high-quality web applications.


Some fascinating statistics about Ruby on Rails

  • RoR framework is equipped with more than 45,000 stars on Github.
  • RoR app development has contributed more than 523,339 live websites.
  • Around 4,000 coders contribute to the progress of the ROR framework.           

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Reasons why you should choose Ruby On Rails for web development



Ruby on Rails is an open-source server-side language which means that there are numerous libraries that you can adopt to create your web app into a hit, without having to reinvent the wheel. Rubygems is a package manager by RoR which is similar to npm. Not to mention that the rails community should enhance some of these open-source resources, making them more accessible and valuable and that there is a lot of community support on GitHub.



Security is always considered a top priority for most businesses and organizations. Some people assume that open-source software like Ruby on Rails compromise security. However, this isn’t the case for Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails framework is integrated with fundamental security from the beginning. The current version of Ruby on Rails(4.0 and above) has built-in mechanisms to block hackers and malicious activities. The community of the RoR framework actively identifies and patches new vulnerabilities as they come along. Also, the RoR documentation is crafted in a great manner. In case, if some of the security features are disabled, your code doesn’t follow the best practices, or you don’t care about web security in general, then your RoR can be left open to attack.


Improved App Development Speed

RoR provides developers with Active Support, a collection of utility classes, library extensions, and other transversal items. Either one helps to improve both the Rails framework and the Ruby on Rails application itself. Enhanced speed of development is one of the reasons why startup founders also prefer Ruby on Rails. It allows them to shorten the MVP development process and to create an outstanding product at a lower cost.


High Reliability & Maintainability

The aspect of stability is critical for any company. TDD (test-driven development) is often used in Ruby on Rails development, and the toolkit provides robust testing capabilities. It means that Ruby on Rails solutions are robust and maintainable. The framework is also protected by automated tests, making it reliable.


How can XcelTec help you in building a web app for your business?

Looking for the best RoR development company? XcelTec is the place for you. We are a leading CMMI Level 3 Ruby on Rails Development Company that provides a wide range of Rails web development services to meet our clients’ varied development requirements. We offer smart and optimal service for your business by using this incredible programming language. With us, you can develop a scalable solution, add new features to your current system, or resolve technical problems. XcelTec is an ISO-certified app & web development company with a proven quality control process. Our broad range of RoR development services include


  • Ruby on Rails Customized Development Services
  • ROR Plugin Development
  • Developing CMS Portal with ROR
  • ROR Theme Development
  • Installation & Deployment of ROR App
  • ROR App Migration
  • Customizing ROR Web Applications and much more…


There are various web application frameworks available, each with its own set of advantages. Ruby on Rails is one of the frameworks that offer speed, flexibility, and the potential to decrease development time and code. Yet, unlike the others, it holds its promise. Ruby on Rails is a wonderful programming language that will drive your web application to the forefront. If you are looking for a RoR web application for your business then you can simply contact us at

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