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Few Effective React Native Component Libraries to Follow in 2019

With the Mobility of entire business industry, a huge part of the industry is shifting their interest in Mobile App Development. And since React arrives industry has moved towards revolutionary mobile app creations. React, after it’s the introduction by Facebook has gained the large interest of cross-platform technologies. I am going to address some of the best features of React that changed the views of developers towards mobile App development.


React native Material Kit

React Native developers at XcelTec use Large library of React Material kit such as Buttons, Cards, Loading (Loader) Sliders, Texfields, toggles etc.


React Native Vector icons

React Native icons have eased most of the integration tasks. A huge library of Common and standalone vector icons can be found on GitHub.

Devs who had the hand on React must come across Kitten. With most forked and stars at GitHub, having huge library can be found here

UI Kitten focuses on ready-made temps to avoid raw work and get the best results for quick delivery and customizations.



React Native Android Kit is an external components kit that gives you the freedom to set multi-layout, buttons, and elements that Native does not provide. Here are a few of them.

· TableLayoutAndroid

· ButtonAndroid

· FloatingButtonAndroid

· Color

· Drawable

· Demo

· Todo


Get the Library HERE Thank you for baring me. I am sure I will get you more information in the next episode. Best Of Luck.

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