Planning For a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, we’ve seen firms drastically reduce expenses and increase revenues by reducing human work and putting essential data at employees’ fingertips. However, integrating new technologies into your existing business procedures might be challenging. We want you to understand what to expect from a Dynamics 365 CRM setup and how collaboration may help the project succeed.

How long does it take to set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides businesses with a powerful cloud-based platform for tracking sales team activities, managing the sales funnel, and forecasting. It’s designed to help your business run more efficiently and create an income because of its intuitive user interface, automation, integration with other Microsoft applications, and customization opportunities. This CRM software takes 2–3 months to set up on average.

What factors affect the duration and expense of the project?

A collaborative approach is required when implementing a CRM. To effectively benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, you must actively participate in the deployment process from beginning to end. The collaborative availability of your business and your implementation partner is critical to the pace and effectiveness of the deployment.

Keep in mind that the features you want and the adjustments you need will have an impact on your implementation. Are you using the sales module straight out of the box? Are you modifying the lead to opportunity pipeline or creating additional modules? Is the new CRM solution properly integrated with your existing email and marketing automation? Your implementation will take more time and effort the more unique it is.

The process of implementation;

XcelTec specializes in helping businesses like yours deploy and optimize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for maximum value as the world’s first Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner. We use a six-step procedure to ensure that we understand your needs and that everything runs well.

Step 1: Planning

After you sign an implementation agreement, we’ll set up a meeting to go over the contents of the proposal and our project processes.

Step 2: Define

We can build your CRM forms, create customizations, and establish a training procedure for your core team members once we talk about your business needs.

Step 3: Build

We can build out and modify your CRM according to your organizational needs once the designs are finalized. Business units, security, users, and multi-currency requirements are frequently included in these designs.

Step 4: Model

Before the software is fully implemented, you will have the opportunity to test it. This is the opportunity to recommend features that should be swapped or updated!

Step 5: Deploy

Your go-live date has arrived! As your company begins to use Dynamics 365 CRM, we’ll assist with training admins and end-users so that everyone can become comfortable with the platform.

Step 6: Evolve

Even after your go-live date, we’ll be there for you! We can compare your progress to your project milestone schedule and issues list if you provide status updates. While we continue to research, design, create and install your CRM solution, the XcelTec team will meet internally to discuss your project.


Making software implementation go smoothly takes a lot of time and resources. The easiest method to speed the implementation and ensure the software will benefit your organization the most is to follow our six-step procedure and remain collaborative.

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