Get to Know The Latest Sales & Marketing Features For Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a piece of business software. It is customer relationship management software that assists organizations in managing their client database, generating new leads, engaging with customers, and resolving customer service concerns.

It’s a database that lets businesses organize and manage their customer and lead data at its most basic level. Users can contact consumers and lead using the program, which records and tracks every customer interaction. This enables a company to create a complete picture of its client connection in order to tailor the customer journey.

Microsoft releases two updates per year for its Dynamics 365 applications that include plenty of new features and user experience enhancements. 

Predictive Scoring for Leads and Opportunities:

Pipeline modules are getting a lot of predictive score updates. Users may now track the impact of stalled agreements on anticipated data and assess the predictive scoring function’s overall performance with the latest release. All of these changes will help your team prepare more effectively for the future by increasing the accuracy of your prediction score.

Predictive Relationship Intelligence:

Email interactions may now be used to find accounts and contacts. Relationship Intelligence imports data from email exchanges into your Dynamics 365 application to create accounts and contacts. You’ll get a 360-degree perspective of your team’s and contacts’ connections, as well as the depth of their interactions.

Logging Information From Your Phone's Camera:

You can now easily log information into Dynamics 365 Sales using the camera on your smartphone. The camera takes data from notes, business cards, and other sources for straight input into your program, reducing manual entry and saving time for your sales staff.

Notifications of Active Engagement:

You’ll want to evaluate the performance of your emails whether you’re conducting a huge campaign or doing some small-scale outreach. Get notified whenever a customer interacts with a sent email, including opens, forwards, reads, responses, attachment downloads, and link clicks. Any email send failures will also be communicated to you.

Improvements to Outlook Integration and Templates:

With the current edition, the Dynamics 365-Outlook connection has been enhanced. Microsoft has enhanced this interface to autofill critical data, reducing the number of times salespeople switch between windows. Additionally, support for email templates is now available within the window, making it a one-stop shop for creating and sending emails.

Some Features from the 2021 release are finally being released for public use, you can explore them below;

Microsoft Teams Collaboration (Public Preview):

The interface between Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Teams has been improved. Users will be able to move data between the two platforms, allowing for more efficient account changes and dynamic conversations.

Quick Actions in Mobile Apps:

Customers’ requirements can arise at any time, leaving salespeople with little time to prepare for a dialogue. On-the-go sellers can reference and edit account information with the new quick actions shortcuts for mobile applications.


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