Latest UI/UX Design Trends in 2019

As the year changing the design trends also changing day by day and as we entered in 2019, a user-focused design is a top priority for the UI/UX Design Companies. Which set the field of UX design securely into the main thought, as a persuasive element of the business/client relationship. In a duration of more two years, we’ve seen, not just advent, but also aggregate approval of disruptive technologies, such as voice UI (User Interface), blended realities, and smart home devices. The actual procedure of crafting these experiences might have the same, but the growth of new technologies has given ascent to new human behaviors, which take new experiences and solutions.

Let’s take a closer look for potential UI UX design trends

Vibrant Color Palettes:

A bright color is ever eye-catching. From slope view to bright image overlays to animations that symptomatic active colors, a vibrant color range will continue to gain popularity. Some of these colors developed from the other designs vogue. At the first brights become popular with the flat designs, modify into even much vivacious colors with Real Looking Material Design, and nowadays some of these chromatic even have a clue of an element in them. The decent thing about this design vogue is that color – once you have a pallet – is beautiful simple to spread. You don’t have to wholly redesign your website to add this direction element to the design.


Gradient tools and best vector skills in Adobe illustrator makes the vibrant color pallets real-time bonanza.

Emotional Design

A website or apps who do not use the emotional design is just got missed the user attention in 2019. Evaluate how your design content falls into unitary of these activity and utility color, imagination and the user interface to advance connect on that level with users. Each and every visual element in design provides information to users about how they should react on. For example, a smiley face makes a positive first physical phenomenon with users. If the design of women in the image is happy then users can feel and want to copy that emotion.


Using the right curves and paint tool followed by direct selection tool generates emotional designs and this is the best option when you are connected with mass media.

The depth and Almost “Real” Design Elements

Everyone knows that virtual reality isn’t really reachable in the real world that influences are already manifest. Many designers are adding more depth design elements to give the more real tactical feel to the projects. And this all is done by the illustrations with a more three-dimensional look to moving shapes or products or screens so the user can apparently reach out to the actual touch.


Using Adobe photo-shop and illustrator in simultaneous nature, the shadow images makes the depth with flat colors to be designated design.

Purposeful Animation

Many Web apps designs are built with animation. But it has to be there for some purpose. This purposeful design makes users stay more on your website or apps. Animation stretches users to specific parts of the design and helps to drives users interest and tells a story by its self-design. Use good animation in website or Mobile App Development to provide an outstanding extent of perceptive to users who engage with the design.

Purposeful Animation Surreal Design and Abstract Design

With the crazy world that we living, more designers are made projects that have many unrealistic and abstract elements in them. Surreal design and abstract design will keep to develop and increase as more users want these experiences that are just about, but not quite a real.

The reason behind creating this design technique works goes hindermost to the idea of emotional connection Surreal design and abstract design provide a bridge for users that they can associate to on their own terms.

These projects are often typified by a component that has some animation, illustrated people or object, and somewhat jolly or cartoonish nature that users wish to be a part of. The goal of the Surreal or abstract design is to engage more users and entertain with the unique imaginations.


Nothing wrong in letting your fingers go wild on a mouse when creating some frenzy is on. This is how a perfect article is created for almost 5 billion users.

Flat Design Emulates 3D

Three-dimensional furnish is rendered an update to flat design. The result is a crush-up of 3D hard-nosed and flat interfaces that are knotty, visually gripping and showing up everywhere. It’s like a touch of virtual reality in designs that don’t need anything special to look at. Design trend has turned to complicated 3D elements with animations in early 2018 and is on the pick this day. Updates in browsers with respect to JS has enabled para-metallic design towards a successful UI viewer worldwide. These browsers have turned this complex feature into an affordable element.


Simple but complex behavior of your vectors and rasters create the flat into 3D flat depth design.


Art has always been in UI design as filler in any business or industries. Now you see the graphic designing has taken shape in making web and apps to be the best attractive forms. After effects and motion graphics has played a great role to get high values in the Fashion industry. XcelTec A Web Design Company gives the best design services for your startups or enterprise business our dedicated developers just feel the marvelous touch to your brands and business with their unique design crafting skills.

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