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What’s New in Flutter 3: The Ultimate Guide

We are incredibly proud to announce Flutter 3!  We are excited to announce that Flutter is now stable on macOS, Linux, and Windows, in addition to Windows! Amazing performance improvements for web & mobile updates with adding support for Apple Silicon .. Flutter 3 is live and ready for production on all desktop platforms system Menu

What’s New in Flutter 3:

1. Menu Cascading and MacOS System Menu Bar Support

Flutter 3 now includes support for the macOS bar and menu cascading. It also supports platform-specific integration and easy compilation models.  In fact, this allows sharing of ideal UI and rationale according to prerequisites. The new Flutter also focuses platform support over rendering pixels.


2. Material 3 –  Material You Support

The shift to Material Design 3, a Google in-house design language, is what’s new in the Flutter 3 conversation. The Flutter team has provided a versatile cross-platform design solution to help you turn your Flutter app into a stunning interactive product.

Material 3 (also known as “Material YouYou”) is Material Design’s next version. The significant modifications include a range of framework refinements, typography upgrades, and component updates.


3. Flutter Firebase:

Flutter supports a variety of third-party integrations, including Firebase, AWS Amplify, Sentry, and AppWrite. Google Firebase is a back-end platform for mobile and web application development.

The application distributors need a complete set of resources to help you operate, assemble, and release your Flutter applications. These include administrations such as data storage, validation, authentication, device testing, and cloud functions.

Firebase Crashlytics:

You can now track real-time fatal errors with the Flutter Crashlytics plugin, which has a similar set of components as Firebase’s popular real-time crash reporting administration.

The elements incorporate basic alarming measurements like “crash-free users” that help you stay aware of the steadiness of your application.


4. Flutter’s Games Toolkit:

This time, the Flutter team has focused on core players, releasing an easy-to-use casual games tool package. It provides a starter kit of templates and ad credits, as well as cloud services.


Extra Note: Flutter developers created a fun pinball game that uses Firebase and Flutter’s web support, demonstrating the new Flutter 3 update’s flexibility.


5. Mobile Updates:

Android and iOS have always been the main platforms, and with Flutter 3, they have gained a couple of huge changes.

  1. Foldable support for phones:

What’s going on in Flutter 3?  The new Flutter edition, on the other hand, offers foldable mobile devices. New widgets and features allow you to create visually appealing experiences on foldable devices. This function was created in partnership with Microsoft.

  1. Variable refresh rate support for iOS:

The updated Flutter version supports variable refresh rates and ProMotion on iOS devices such as the iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. The capability is now available at refresh rates of up to 120 Hz, up from 60 Hz previously. While watching fast animations, the user might have a more fluid browsing experience.

6. Flutter Web Updates:

  1. Image Decoding:

The most recent Flutter 3 release includes new APIs for asynchronously decoding images off the main thread. This is accomplished using the browser’s built-in image codecs. You will be happy to know that this feature speeds up decoding the image by 2x, ensuring that the main thread is never blocked, and clearing the junk built-up in the past.

  1. Web app lifecycles:

The new web application lifecycle API for Flutter applications gives you the advantage of controlling the bootstrapping cycle for your application. This allows you to run Flutter in headless mode on the web. This applies to a wide range of use cases, including the frequently accompanying situations listed below: 

What’s New in Flutter 3: More Exciting Features

1. Theme Extensions:

Using theme extensions, you may now add anything to the material library’s ThemeData. You can specify ThemeData.extensions instead of increasing ThemeData and using copyright, LERP, and other methods.


Flutter 3 supports the publisher’s needs for creating customised advertisements and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATTT) requirements. Google provides a User Messaging Platform (UMP) SDK, which succeeds the prior open-source Consent SDK.

3.Introducing Dart 2.17:

Dart 2.17 stable provides reliable Flutter 3.0, featuring some highly anticipated highlights for developers. Dart is the secret component of Flutter, and any advancements in Dart would aid in the growth of Flutter. We should look at the new highlights.

Flutter 3.0 Performance Improvements

The Flutter development team has taken Flutter performance enhancement to the next level by benchmarking to analyse the advantages of optimization. Most important, the opacity animation performance for simple case scenarios has been upgraded.

For example, when an opacity widget is composed of a single rendering primitive, the save Layer function is removed and opacity is normally invoked.

The Flutter 3 release includes a technique for predicting and estimating the rendering complexity depending on the cost of drawing operations. This is used to reduce memory use while preserving Flutter app performance.

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