What is Flutter & Why it is Trending in Mobile App Development?

Are you thinking about your new business ideas and are planning to launch a mobile application? Well, we live in a competitive world where the ecosystem of technology is advancing right now! In actuality, numerous new companies are confronting the most elevated pace of disappointment because of the wrong decisions on mobile app development platforms.


If you want to use a cross-platform framework for your app in 2022 you should go for Flutter application development as Flutter speeds up the app development process and decreases the development cost.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building native apps and engaging in UIs for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It is the best ideal decision for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and big-scale enterprises to come up with the application of a maximum feature.

Why is Flutter Trending in Mobile App Development?

1) Single Codebase:

One of the features that make Flutter stand apart is the ‘write-once’ approach. It outperforms the traditional limitations of cross-platform approaches where developers needed to compose numerous codes for multiple platforms. Presently, Flutter mobile application developers just need to code once and not separately for both operating systems, that is Android and IOS, for that reason Flutter is considered by the majority of the developers.

2) Efficient Code Composing and Application Testing:

The single codebase approach is permitting developers to reuse it with different plugins, hence cutting the development time short. Also, when it comes to testing, a basic quality assurance process is enough to verify the functionality, features, and program of a cross-platform mobile application.

3) Hot Reloading:

Flutter app development is trending because of features like “Hot Reloading” or “Hot Restart”. These features allow developers to see changes in the code within one second.

4) Best appropriate for MVP

App development using Flutter can help you display your MVP to the investors. There is no requirement of creating two applications for android and iOS. You can now examine your business model with great simplicity and obtain funding.

5) Utilization of Widgets:

You should know about the way that widgets are a vital part of the application interface. Flutter integrated apps provide a wide scope of widgets including navigation, scrolling, and fonts, that are customizable regardless of the screen size. 

There is no denying the way that Flutter mobile applications give an extremely smooth UI experience compared to another cross-platform framework.

6) Easy Development Language:

The programming language utilized by Flutter is Dart which depends on the in-house language of Google. Dart is a one-source and universally useful language, therefore developers with any degree of information find this language comparatively simple and easy to access than other languages.

7) Easy Setup and Maintenance:

Due to a single codebase, it is somewhat simple to create and keep up with the Flutter application. It improves the performance of the application when compared to some other application development platforms and brings down the maintenance effort. Maintenance of flutter is simple because of the basic and single code utilized in programming. When the issue is spotted by the team members, changes are made quickly without the hustle of going back and forth on the codes over and over.

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