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How can I implement CHAT BOT ( Auto CHATBOT with product suggestions )?

eCommerce businesses have always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies since they are a product of such development. Hence, it’s no surprise online stores were some of the first to adopt chatbots, especially when it came to customer support and answering FAQs.


However, despite the growing acceptance of virtual assistants, many online stores still rely on live chat for customer support and static product recommendation engines that use cookies and browsing history to suggest products to their shoppers. While these tools used to be incredibly effective, their power slowly evaporates with more and more people shopping online expect not just top-notch products but pleasant, memorable experiences that make them feel valued.

chatbot development services

Therefore, it has become imperative for online businesses to not just sell quality merchandise but also strive to create meaningful relationships with customers from the first touchpoint to the last.


While fostering loyal and trustful relationships is easy from face to face or when managing a small customer base, when your business expands it becomes more difficult.

That’s where a chatbot for eCommerce becomes so imperative and locking them in the small space of customer support means missing out.

Chatbots and Product Recommendations

When it comes to product recommendation, they eliminate the necessity for shoppers to scroll down an endless category page to find what they need. Instead, they use the conversation as a filtering system, bringing the product to the customer. What’s more, chatbots can also be designed to remember previous interactions and purchases to offer personalized recommendations based on the buyer’s preferences and chat history.

How to Build a Product Recommendation Chatbot

Many eCommerce businesses still shy away from bots. Some of the biggest factors influencing them to stay away from are the notions of expense and complexity associated with chatbot implementation.


Website bots are cool mainly because of the absolute power they give over the features you can include within the conversation. However, when you decide to create a product recommendation chatbot on WhatsApp, you will find yourself confined to a very text-oriented interface. Thank you for reading & stay connected with us!

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