What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service connects your customers to the resources they require for help. Through an omnichannel strategy, the software intends to make multiple customer instances more manageable. Dynamics 365 Customer Service may be right for you if you’re looking for customer service software that can increase your productivity and efficiency.

What Does Dynamics 365 Customer Service Do?

Customer interactions with Dynamics 365 Customer Service are agent-focused, ensuring that every support request is handled swiftly and efficiently. To create a complete picture of each customer assistance request, the software uses other Microsoft products such as Outlook. You can examine emails and previous conversations, service terms and support provisions, and any other information you’ll need to diagnose and fix a customer’s issue in the Customer Service workspace. The one-window strategy also makes it easier to contact customers to schedule an in-person or virtual session.

A Knowledge Base library is included in the Customer Service module, where you can store documents for convenient reference. When your customer care personnel reply to customer cases, the program searches the library for appropriate books based on case keywords. Customer care representatives can then refer to diagnostic resources and even deliver documents to clients.

Customer service enables you to improve customer satisfaction while saving time and money on each support case or service call.

Your team can use Dynamics 365 to;

  • Prepare cases
  • Keep track of all interactions with a case.
  • Create queues to route cases to the right channel
  • Service creation and scheduling
  • Reports and dashboards can help you manage your performance and productivity.

What Types of Business Would Benefit from Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Client Service is ideal for mid-market firms that need to collect Knowledge Base resources, address support tickets, and sustain long-term customer connections.


Microsoft stores and service-based firms, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses, benefit greatly from Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You’ll get the full capability of Customer Service if your firm uses the Microsoft 365 Office application and Power Platform. Dynamics 365 Customer Service will take communications from Office and production workflows with Power Automate thanks to its multi-session and multi-channel features. These linkages cut down on the number of clicks needed for each job, saving time and improving data visibility.


These are just a few of the customer service capabilities that make Dynamics 365 so useful. To learn more about how XcelTec Team and Dynamics 365 can help you develop your business and enhance your bottom line, contact us.  

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