What Is Spring Boot? A Detailed Guide

Spring Boot is a microservice-based Java web framework that is open source. With its prebuilt code, the Spring Boot framework delivers a fully production-ready environment that is completely adaptable. You can also Hire Java Developers who can create a fully enclosed application using the microservice architecture, which includes embedded application servers.

Benefits & Features of Spring Boots

Auto-configuration, health checks, and opinionated dependencies are just a few of the features that make Spring Boot a fantastic fit for swiftly developing Java applications.

Standalone Application:

Can simply build the application jar and run the application with no need to customize the deployment.

Embedded Servers:

Comes with prebuilt Tomcat, Jetty and Undertow application servers that do not require further installation to use. This also provides faster more efficient deployments resulting to shorting restart times.


Spring and other 3rd party frameworks will be configured automatically.

Production-Like Features:

Health checks, metrics, and externalized configurations.

Starter Dependencies:

This will provide opinionated dependencies designed to simplify the build configuration. This also provides complete build tool flexibility (Maven and Gradle).


Spring Boot is nothing more than a Spring plugin that makes development, testing, and deployment easier. If you’re having trouble with your Spring Boot application development, XcelTec has a team of experienced developers who can assist you in making your project more efficient!

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