What Are the Most Popular Java Frameworks in 2022 for Enterprise App development?

Java’s reputation as the most reliable programming language appears to be growing by the year. Java’s popularity has remained practically unchallenged despite the advent of other similar platforms. Java is usually preferred by programmers, especially when designing enterprise-level applications. It’s not just Java enterprise applications, though. The framework can be used to create a variety of software solutions, including online and mobile apps. Java boosts productivity by offering a solid framework in which to operate. XcelTec has brought the most popular Java frameworks for enterprise app development in 2022 & beyond.

Most Popular Java Frameworks for Enterprise App Development in 2022

Spring Boot:

Spring Boot is a microservice-based Java web framework that is open source. With its prebuilt code, the Spring Boot framework delivers a fully production-ready environment that is completely adaptable. Developers can create a fully enclosed application using the microservice architecture, which includes embedded application servers.

Spring MVC:

It’s a Java framework for developing web apps. The Model-View-Controller design pattern is used. Not only that, but it also supports all of the key Spring Framework capabilities including Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection. With the support of DispatcherServlet, Spring MVC gives a dignified solution for using MVC in Spring Framework. DispatcherServlet, in this context, is a class that takes incoming requests and routes them to the appropriate resources, such as Controllers, Models, and Views.


Hibernate is a Java framework that includes an abstraction layer and takes care of the implementations within. Writing a query for CRUD activities, establishing a connection with databases, and other chores are included in the implementations.


A framework is a piece of software that abstracts numerous technologies such as JDBC and servlets.Hibernate creates persistence logic, which stores and processes data so that it may be used for a longer period of time. It’s a lightweight ORM tool that’s also open-source, giving it an advantage over other frameworks.


Hadoop is an Apache open-source platform for storing, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data. Hadoop is a Java-based, non-OLAP database (online analytical processing). Batch and offline processing are also possible with it. Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a slew of other sites make use of it.


Apache Kafka is a software platform that uses a distributed streaming mechanism to process data. It’s a publish-subscribe messaging system that allows data to be shared among apps, servers, and processors. LinkedIn originally developed Apache Kafka, which was eventually contributed to the Apache Software Foundation. It is now developed by Confluent as part of the Apache Software Foundation. The delayed problem of data transfer between a sender and a receiver has been overcome by Apache Kafka.


The Spark framework is a rapid development web framework inspired by the Ruby Sinatra framework. It is built on the Java 8 Lambda Expression concept, making it less verbose than typical Java framework applications.


Swagger is the industry standard for documenting APIs. When installing APIs in Azure, Swagger comes in handy. Swagger is a programming language that is mostly used to document APIs.


Express is a Node.js web framework that is quick, aggressive, essential, and modest. You may think of express as a layer placed on top of Node.js that aids in the management of a server and routes. It comes with a comprehensive range of tools for creating online and mobile applications.


Dropwizard is a Java framework that allows you to quickly create high-performance RESTful web services. It combines a number of well-known libraries to build a lightweight bundle. Jetty, Jersey, Jackson, JUnit, and Guava are the primary libraries it employs. It also makes use of its own Metrics library. You can build RESTful web applications that ensure high performance, reliability, and stability.


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