How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost?

It is said that “improvement in Flutter is a breeze”. Flutter was delivered in 2017 by Google, and in only a couple of years, the number of applications worked with flutter has developed immensely. It is giving an extreme battle to React; it is energizing to know Flutter versus React, which will give wings to your enterprise applications.

Flutter is a conspicuous application for the improvement of an application from a solitary codebase. The engineers utilize this single code base for building applications for some portable stages. This gives IT organizations to grow such applications all the more rapidly and in an expense-saving manner.

Flutter app development cost relies upon different factors and fluctuates from one industry to another. Although the application development processes and principles are the same in all frameworks, some differences in coding and development make Flutter app development costs in India separate from the rest of the frameworks.

How much does Flutter App Development Cost?

Overall, the cross-platform applications will go between $35,000 to $171,400 and go up to $500,000. The hourly rate engineers charge to assemble these applications is $150 each hour. In actuality, the Flutter application advancement cost in India is fundamentally lower. You can rapidly get a developer at an hourly pace of $ 18 to $ 35 every hour.

For computing the typical expense of your Flutter application, doing a careful examination of your business and application’s needs is required.  Hence depending upon the complexity of features you want to add to your app, the cost will vary.


Businesses are relying on the flutter app as it is the easiest and most robust mobile app development which can run on both ios and android platforms with a single code base. XcelTec can help you with the best flutter app development services and provides cost-effective solutions to your business.

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