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How can you engage customers through the mobile app?

As more and more businesses go mobile to meet the needs of consumers on the go, SMEs must constantly improve engagement on their mobile apps to stand out and increase conversions. Drive highly engaged user actions to boost app discoverability and profitability. Engage with users in a personal and meaningful way to reduce user drop-offs or attrition.

Design Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be of many kinds, and they can be designed particularly around reminding the app users of their abandoned shopping carts.


Provide Customer a Wishlist

Give them the ability to create a shopping list that they can use for in-store visits. Make it easy for users to email the lists to others, such as sending a shopping list to their specials.

Social Activities

Most people enjoy helping others, and discussion forums allow them to do just that in a safe, convenient manner. Other users who are looking for information can find trustworthy reviews from real-life purchasers.


Turn App Gamify

Turn your product into a game. For example, a golf supply company could add a mini-golf game to their app or any quiz or questionnaire list for their fun.

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Make the most out of app onboarding

You need to make your app accessible and easy to use. According to Localytics, efficient onboarding can boost app engagement by 50%.


Value the users time

Don’t make them swipe through a zillion text-heavy screens before they can try the app features by themselves.


Give exclusives to mobile app users

Offer a free item or discount just for mobile users, sponsor a contest that is only open to app users or allow them priority status for reserving an upcoming “hot” product.


Make the experience personal

Whenever possible, use the customer’s name, even if it is just a “welcome back” tag. Use the data you have collected on the customer, such as browsing history or purchase history, to generate personalized special offers and product suggestions.


Mobile apps can be a valuable tool to engage your customers and help you earn their loyalty. Keep in mind, however, that you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so make sure your app does just that before you launch it. With a well-designed app for your customers, you will likely be pleasantly surprised by their response.

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