How to Do Marketing/SEO for An Android App?

Are you in the search to find the ways to do SEO for your android app? If yes, then we are here to help you. There couldn’t be a better than this to solve your queries and doubts. SEO is vital to carry high positions and traffic to your website. Nowadays, the utilization of mobile is most certainly on the rise if we compare it to desktop use. Hence, SEO turns out to be vital to executing mobile applications as well.


As indicated by Statista, there were 27.6 billion mobile application downloads overall from the Google Play store and 8.1 billion from the Apple App Store in the second from last quarter of 2021. In this way, simply making a mobile application and putting it on the application store isn’t sufficient. It is similarly critical to draw in the crowd with your application and make it more discoverable. As these days, individuals do more work using their smartphones. For that reason, it is crucial for app publishers to ensure their applications rank high on search engine results.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization For Android Apps

  • You most likely know about the importance of SEO assuming you are engaged with the online and SEO world. There are a few advantages of SEO for each site and for applications too. So, in case you are unaware of them then here we will discuss some of the best benefits of SEO for android apps.
  • Top positions on the search engine results grab the most traffic and attention from people. Accordingly, great SEO practices result in enormous traffic and benefits as the end results.
  • Great and professional SEO services give quantifiable and trackable outcomes. They give more returns on investments. If you invest in good SEO services, you will get more benefits.
  • Without a doubt, SEO is one of the most practical advertising procedures that you can execute to improve and further developed results.
  • Assuming you will show up on the highest levels then clearly your site permeability will increment. Additionally, there will be a hike in your brand awareness.

Steps to do SEO for Android Applications

  • Doing search engine optimization for android applications is very simple if you follow the right steps. There are millions of android applications now and the competition is huge. Therefore it turns out to be vital to apply the right SEO strategies to rank well in the search engine results.
  • After you have created an application it is vital to do keyword research. Right execution of the relevant and effective keyword will give bigger results than your imagination. You can either utilize the application listing guide or keyword planner to do things right.
  • Try to increase the time on the page and reduce the bounce rate on it.
  • If you want good results for your app, then do not forget to aim the link quality of the most important pages of your application. 
  • Include your brand name in the link as too many apps forget to do it and get bad results. It is essential to tell individuals about the brands.
  • Provide a QR link to download the application effectively and more quickly.
  • Remember to cross-promote your applications to mobile users, searchers, and bots for good reasons.
    Additionally, keep up with the keyword densities and other things in balance to obtain the best outcomes both at the app store and on the search engine results too.


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