Why Choose Custom Power BI Development Services For Your Business?

XcelTec as the leading Power BI development company provides integration and implementation through Business analytics and intelligence lifecycle implementation, including relevant data syncing, data integration management, prototyping, and interactive dashboards creation for every domain to the next level.

Custom Power BI Development Services XcelTec Provides;

1) Development of Microsoft Power BI

Our custom BI software development services assist in the development of an enterprise-grade BI solution. We use ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) with cubes and dimension tables in our custom development.

2) Customization & Integration

Integrating your enterprise solutions with any third-party business intelligence system in a smooth manner. We integrate a variety of data sources such as text files, CSV files, third-party APIs, MySQL, No SQL, Oracle, and others.

3) Mobile BI

Bringing the power of business intelligence to your favorite mobile platforms, whenever and wherever you need it.

4) Support and Service for Power BI

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence solution that includes data visualization and analytics. It’s a low-cost solution that gives your users and executives a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on in your organization.

Tech Stack:


By adopting immersive, interactive dashboards, you may take advantage of our tailored business intelligence solutions that consolidate different data sources. With our BI solutions, you may discover strong enterprise-class insights that drive business success. XcelTec’s Power BI solutions turn data into beautiful graphics that help businesses make confident mission-critical choices.


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