ReactJS Web & ReactNative App for eCommerce Store at Affordable Rates: Get a React JS Website & React Native App for E-Commerce at Just $2999
ReactJS Web & ReactNative App for eCommerce Store at Affordable Rates
ReactJS Web & ReactNative App for eCommerce Store at Affordable Rates
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E-commerce is a retail cutting-edge, with innovative online stores and mobile applications. Consumers want smooth navigation and value-added performance with online e-commerce stores and mobile apps. The best e-commerce platforms currently available are React native apps and ReactJS websites. Business owners can choose mobile app platforms and build powerful React Native App for E-Commerce stores for getting more benefits for their business. Many business owners avoid thinking about websites and mobile apps as they think that is a time-consuming process.

XcelTec’s solution for those business owners who want an efficient E-commerce online business is both an e-commerce website and mobile apps. We offer a fully-featured Reactnative mobile app solution & ReactJS website for e-commerce stores at affordable prices at just ($2,999).

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Why Choose XcelTec for Building a ReactNative App for E-Commerce Project?

“XcelTec provides end to end E-commerce solutions from a mobile-friendly online store website to a mobile application. We use ReactJS & ReactNative frameworks. These are the two most popular and optimized coding languages to build your mobile store app from scratch. “

  • Favorite:

    • The wishlist feature is also supported so you can add your favorite product in the wish list and check it later.
  • iOS & Android:

    • React Native is cross-platform: that means the product built with React Native is run on both operating systems.
  • Quick Purchase:

    • It supports the one-click add to cart.
  • Push Notification:

    • Easy to send the notification from the admin side without any third-party services or dependencies.
  • Stripe Payment:

    • Effortless payment via Stripe
  • Endless Customization:

    • We’ve built the basics and then you can customize everything, from colors, the theme to functionalities.
  • Smooth Navigation:

    • Fantastic flat navigation between post content and categories screens
  • Native Share:

    • Share the product contains just a few taps with native sharing
  • Lottie’s Animate:

    • You can change the animate walkthrough screens by any Lotties animate files
  • Social Logins:

    • Shoppers can log-in through Facebook, Google, and Twitter
  • Product Variant:

    • We can set dynamic loading for product variations and features
  • Instant Search:

    • Finding a post is easy and also supports the history of the keyword of the search
  • Offline Access:

    • Without the internet, your app data will sync when the network is supported
  • Disqus Comment:

    • Disqus comment features are supported
  • 2-way Sync:

    • The application is connected with your site via Rest API, so whenever we make changes in the website or website is updated it will not harm the application.

Why Choose React Native for Mobile App

What you will get from XcelTec:

  • A complete React Native App for E-commerce – E-Commerce Solution like Admin Panel, E-commerce Website and Mobile Application for Android and iOS.
  • Fast and beautiful website and mobile app
  • Admin dashboard for manage the product
  • Created with: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, React Native
  • No dependency on your old website
  • Easy to install and delivery your own app
  • Saving your 1000+ hours of development and a great way to create your project
  • Build your separate app and delivery to both Appstore & Google Play
  • Run effortlessly and well tested on both iOS & Android from our QA team.

* Only one Payment Gateway is included in this package. An extra payment gateway can be added with extra customization charges.
React Native App Development Companies India

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Want a Fast Solution for Your E-Commerce Store or E-Commerce Mobile App?

We offer you React native mobile app, ReactNative App for eCommerce & ReactJS website for e-commerce stores at a reasonable price. Selling products online has become essential. Many people shop on their phones – the most valuable real estate is in their hands. XcelTec is your one-stop solution for all your E-Commerce needs. Contact Us Now. Let’s discuss your requirements. Click Here to Schedule Live Demo

* Hosting, App Store, Google Play Store, All Third Party Plugins & Customization charges will be extra.
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