Travel Agency Portal for Web and Mobile App
Travel Agency Portal for Web and Mobile App

Want a Complete Customized Travel Agency Portal for Web and Mobile App for your Tourism Business?

We provide a multi-functional travel agency portal with a myriad of options for your travel & tourism business at an affordable cost starts with just($2999). With our customizable web services, you can modify and design the look according to your desires. We also offer an advanced mobile app travel solution option for you that bring your business into the client’s pocket.

Request a live demo here for XcelTec’s Travel Agency Portal for Web and Mobile Apps that will take your travel business to new heights. With us, you don’t need to be an expert to manage your dream travel app. With our travel app’s user-friendly interface anyone can manage the site that will optimize and enhance their online travel business presence.

We have ample numbers of technologies and Web & Mobile App Development languages close to us, but the major demand lies in choosing the one that resonates with your project requirements. Currently, if we look at the current figures, the technology that is making developing a huge pace and is making covering the mobile app development landscape is AngularJS.

XcelTec comes with a solution for those business owners who wants a fast solution for their travel business. And if you need a cost-effective Travel Agency Portal for web and mobile app development solution, it is here. We offer a full-featured Online Travel Portal for Travel Agency at an affordable cost. We also provide a fully customized Travel Agency Mobile App as per the client’s needs. Travel App for all services related to tourism such as hotels, cruise, travel and much more.

A Complete Online Travel Portal Solution in AngularJS

AngularJS is launched in 2009 by the tech giant Google, it is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks. However, it does not come with bigger add-ons, but ultimately, it helps make the development process very shortened and is easy to use. It has everything that helps in building dynamic web page app development easily.

  • It provides the proficiency to create a Single Page Application in a very clean and sustainable way.
  • It provides data binding ability to HTML. Thus, it gives the user an ironic and responsive web experience.
  • AngularJS code is unit testable.
  • AngularJS uses dependency injection and makes use of parting of concerns.
  • AngularJS provides reusable components.
  • With AngularJS, the developers can reach to more functionality with tiny code.
  • In AngularJS, views are clean HTML pages, and controllers written in JavaScript do the business processing.
  • On top of all, AngularJS applications can run on all major browsers and smartphones, including Android and iOS-based phones/tablets.

What you will get from XcelTec in Travel Agency Portal Solution?

XcelTec provides you the full-featured Travel Agency Portal for Web and Mobile Application – is the most alluring, artistic, and fresh Travel Agency Web/Mobile App that fits for any Travel business or travel agency websites. Easy to use & tailor-made, attractive design & quality code, creative sliders, flexibility, tons of ready web pages, shortcodes, Multiple pages options, responsive and quick support – these are the awesome features and quality to make us stand out from the crowd.

Our travel web application & travel mobile app solution has flat animation, spotless features, fresh and unique design which make your website more attractive. It was built using angular with parallax image effects and CSS animations to make it even more alluring and dynamic.

Some Basic Features:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Multi-Page with Flexible Layout
  • Awesome fonts
  • Neat and clean design
  • Clean Code
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Unlimited Blog Pages
  • Social Links

Some Advance Features of Front End Layout (The features list are stated below)

Attractive Home Page

Attractive Home Page

Flight Flow– How User Can Find their Suitable Flights

Flight List


Flights & Hotels – How User Can Find and Book Their Suitable Flights and Hotels Online



Travel Agency Portal for Mobile App

mobiel app flight flow

mobiel app hotel flow

Well Designed Admin Panel

Our travel web application admin panel comes with essential features for your online presence like:

  • Flight details
  • Blogs
  • Manage promo codes
  • Airport names
  • Hotels
  • Slider images, etc.
  • TravelApp can be a great choice for your online travel business. Looking to publish your Travel company website? We’re the best choice for you.

Well-designed Admin Panel Features:

Admin Dashboard:

Here you can see the account overview: wallet, users and agents – or start a new booking and see existing bookings.

Travel Portal Admin Panel


Manage System Users:

This is a concise page for managing your team; you can manage and edit all system users.

Role Management:

With our complete role management module, you can assign the roles and permissions to your users.

Agency Management:

With the agency management module, you can manage all the data about agencies like add new agency, agency approvals for pending agencies, Agency transactions, etc.

Travel Portal admin Panel Features


With the support module, you can give complete support to your customers with the special service features.

Markup & Commissions:

In markup and commissions module you can manage ticket & hotel global markups for B2C and B2B.

Content Management:

With CMS you can manage, change or add your data for Airlines, Airports, Frequent Flyer Program and FAQ.

Marketing & Promotions:

With the marketing and promotion module, you can maintain or edit all promo codes and Flight deals.

Appearance & Design:

With the Appearance and design module, you can choose and customize your header images and layout.

Fight & Hotel Booking Management:

With Flight and Hotel booking module you can manage all the data about flights and hotels. Manage an existing booking for flight and hotels, Manage markups for hotel & flights, manage customers and passengers.


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Some Remarkable Notes : 

* Only one Payment Gateway is included in this package. An extra payment gateway can be added with additional charges.


*Hosting, All Third Party Services & Customization charges will be extra.


*If you choose to develop a customized mobile app, we can do feature enhancement, Customization, and design according to your idea and make it live on Google Play & iTunes. This would charge extra.


*A complete Travel Web App starting at $2999


*A complete Travel Mobile App starting at $4999

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