ROR Application Development
Ruby on Rails

Ruby On Rails is a potent, evolving open source web development technology. It is renowned for building web applications with quickness and simplicity. It provides intrinsic assistance for RAD (Rapid Application Development) without complexity.

ROR development is progressing constantly courtesy of the strong RoR community. This community contributes to render it far more robust, user and coder friendly and extendible. Rails Framework has developed MVC, Ajax and a range of other JavaScript libraries and lots more. It offers a lot of aspects that allow rapid advancement of regular features and this minimizes the time needed to market a portal or an online app. ROR provides incredible reusability due to its DRY and COC concepts and this saves developers from volumes of duplication in coding.

We provide a team of experienced ROR specialists who are comprehensively thorough with every aspect of Ruby On Rails app development. As far as Ruby On Rails applications are concerned, we develop right from simplistic websites to complex bigger level business apps. We also specialize in social networking, commercial and web commerce solutions based on ROR. Our apps designed for business purpose are held to be benchmark in their category. Our clients benefit immensely from the creative and monetarily beneficial solutions that we offer them.

Services we offer:

  • Rails 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
  • Version Ruby 1.8.6 and higher
  • RubyAMF
  • Database management systems like MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle
  • Testing Tools such as New Relic, RSpec
  • Proxy/Web Servers such as Apache2, Nginx, HA-Proxy
  • Deploying Application using Capistrano, Webistrano on Servers such as Heroku, Cloud Infrastructure
  • Rails Application Servers such as Webrick, Mongrel, mod_rails/Phussion Passenger, JRuby + Glassfish & Co.

Our ROR development division has strong expertise in:

  • Social Networking as per individual needs
  • E-Commerce Suites, Varied Utility Portals(VUPs)
  • Content Management Systems
  • Information Storage Systems
  • Real Estate Portal, Education Portal
  • Audio/ Video Streaming
  • Event Scheduling and Resource Management System with Geo-Location maps
  • Business Apps such as Finance Management System, Project Management System, etc.