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The requirement for fresh, insightful content and its classification is growing at a much rapid rate each day. This need along with the overflowing of content in different modes such as the Internet, wireless, paper and mobile domains has made it mandatory for corporates to employ cutting-edge techniques of content management. Companies face a number of stumbling blocks in seeking the appropriate content in the middle of a churning ocean spread across the web. Therefore, this process of searching and discovering the right and requisite information from the innumerable available ones has emerged as one of the most difficult ones for establishments. The challenges include locating the right, important data, motivating their staff to match up to the necessary pace, a pull back on the ROI when the search for information is underway and other such hurdles.


A vigorous content management system take on the hurdles faced with aplomb. A properly administered CMS gives business people with immediate access to the data right on their fingertips. This aids them to perform their duties effectively and also lets them make precise choices. Therefore, a complete CMS that comes with online content management, archival management, digital asset management, enterprise content integration can be a huge boon to assist companies to prioritize and maximize the worth of information at far lesser budgets all through the data cycle. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular and sought after content management systems around the web.


WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that opens a vast door of possibilities despite being not too friendly for non-developers. WordPress is quite proficient in handling complicated sites while being a creative, intuitive blogging platform. The best thing about WordPress is the wide range of plugins, themes and widgets available that add incredible functionality on top.


Joomla is a more balanced CMS which functions as a platform in between those who are serious developers and those users who prefer more friendly workability. It provides more development functionalities than WordPress and therefore, you can create somewhat sophisticated sites without spending much money.


This is an extremely developer oriented platform. To use Drupal, you require certain level of development skills and experience to get efficient results. Though if you are looking for proper development, then Drupal lets you produce some extremely complex websites. This CMS caters to sites that require complicated data structuring. Sites such as community boards or online stores that need to handle a number of users at the same time can benefit immensely with Drupal.

CMS with XcelTec

Generally, content management is considered a comprehensive process to manage knowledge throughout the companies. It is a proper blend of data administration, business knowhow that enables us as forerunners in exceptional content management. Following are some of our invaluable virtues that make us function as a prime partner.

  • We come up with technical and functional design using economically feasible approaches
  • We provide duplicable methodologies, top grade assets, quick, budget-friendly solutions
  • We provide a centralized repository for quick and facile access and for categorizing content effectively
  • Our content publishing approach is quite seamless and efficient
  • We utilize sectional, secure, safe and extendible architecture
  • We provide appropriate control access to information
  • Our approach decreases needs for recruiting technical assistance
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