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Voice Assistance for Mobile App

Are you wanted to provide a Voice Assistance to your existing mobile app or website? XcelTec comes with an idea to provide a Voice Assistance for mobile apps & websites. It can be a grocery app, pharmacy app, eCommerce app, or any other online stores; it helps the user to find things quickly with voice search. Users can touch, speak, or can type to find their needed things easily with an AI-based Voice Assistance (chatbot). XcelTec’s expert team of chatbot development will help you to integrate a chatbot (Voice Assistance) to improve your digital customer experience to your online shopping business. We integrate a full-featured Voice Assistance for mobile apps in just days.

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How exactly a Voice Assistance (bot) could add value to your online business?


What You Will Get From XcelTec?

Complete integration of Voice Assistance for mobile & online stores.

  • Fast and beautiful user interface
  • Customizable Voice Assistance for mobile app
  • Created with: AI-based
  • Easy to install and delivery your own app
  • Saving your 1000+ hours of development and a great way to improve sales
  • Build your separate chatbot (Voice Assistance) and integrate to both app & website
  • Run effortlessly and well tested on various platforms from our QA team.
Voice Assistance for Mobile App
Online shopping business does not follow one path. There are many channels needs to take care of. Conversational commerce is the best way to attract more customers and convert customer’s needs into sales. Nowadays businesses and buyers connecting through the messaging apps. Companies can use chatbots or Voice Assistance to communicate instantly with customers and solve their queries and provide correct information to customers that they need. These bots use AI (artificial intelligence) to anticipate customer’s preferences and create a valuable, personalized shopping experience.

What Are Chatbots or Voice Assistance for Mobile App?

Voice Assistance or Chatbots are the forms of intelligent assistant technology like google assistant and Siri. A Voice Assistance is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, speech synthesis powered by machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). With AI and the development of NLP (natural language processing), Voice assistants are becoming an extraordinary tool taking over customer interactions and conventional digital advertising.

Why integrate Voice Assistance to a mobile app or online store?

Nowadays with the use of chatbots or Voice Assistance, retailers can increase customer acquisition & can build customer allegiance. There is a wide range of AI-based Voice Assistance or chatbots & social media platforms that provides a new perspective for the mobile app or online store websites.

The best example of Voice Assistance (Chatbot)

Product Recommendation
Use this product recommendation chatbot to recommends products by customer preferences. These way online retailers could learn more about customer choices and shopping patterns while expanding customer engagement and improve sales.


Personalize Product Search Results with Voice Assistance
Effective use of e- chatbots are catering to customers with personalized on-site search results. This way online retailers could improve conversion rates since the bot finds the right products for customers that suit their suitable size and color.


Order Automation
A chatbot (Voice Assistance) works great for restaurants, coffee shops & bars. By integrating messaging chatbots, you can provide customers with a short and effortless journey. At the same time, messaging chatbots, developed for order automation, could remarkably increase sales & customer barriers.


If this article awakens you to integrate a Voice Assistance for a mobile app or website, we are here to convert your ideas into reality. We provide a Voice Assistance (chatbot) with further technical support. To get the quote and receive a rough estimation, contact us or

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