Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility - iOS and Android Platforms

The online universe has undergone a massive transformation with devices now having shifted from our desks and palms to our fingers. Communication through voice and data has also been subjected to a paradigm overhaul due to modern mobile technology. The next step in this evolution is, without doubt, the need for these Internet applications and solutions to also be present on your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

We at XcelTec have grown and evolved along with the web & mobile elements from its nascent stages. This places us at the cutting edge of this oft-changing world, giving us a clear birds-eye view of the increasing requirements of customers inhabiting it.


We offer control modules in iOS for data storage and management in a centralized manner. This helps out in case of any of your client’s staff member or employee misplaces his or her mobile device. If such an incident happens, our centralized system will take care of erasing all information from this lost mobile and saves the company’s important data from being misused by unscrupulous parties.


Your growing business requirements can be met in a comprehensively secure channel courtesy of the Android applications created by our team. All entities involved stand to gain due to these economically viable solutions combined with the varying engagement models.



The Way We Do Things

♦  Superlative delivery services

Embrace a unique approach to plan and develop individually customized mobile apps covering the entire gamut from design to information safety and perfect assimilation.

♦  Top notch consulting and planning

We provide you a strong consulting team that deals effectively with each and every mobility aspect to reach a successful strategy that is suitable to the objectives of your enterprise mobility.

♦  Customised services

Our prime customized solutions will aid every client organization in implementing mobile technology the right way, sped up through cloud. Such an approach offers complete flexibility with a modern technology model to the end consumer organization.

♦  Incomparable enterprise mobility solutions

Our range of mobility solutions are built for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Black Berry and Windows. XcelTec gives you everything right from all-inclusive enterprise solutions and pre-built frameworks to a mobility evaluation lab.

Process Map:

⇒  Concept Development

⇒  Prototyping

⇒ Designing

⇒  Development (Native & Cross Platform)

⇒  Testing

⇒  Deploying on Related Stores

⇒  Maintenance & Support

Inquire Now

Step: 1 Brainstorming

This is where you start by discussing your mobile app idea along with related wireframes, outlines and drafts to help us organize a workshop with project managers to try and make your idea feasible.

Step: 2 Action Plan

XcelTec can arrange a Technical Specification Needs document involving Business Analyst and Project Managers coming up with a meticulous action plan that suits your price and time targets.

Step: 3 Defining Project Scope

Your Project Scope can be defined by us and we provide our “value proposition” depending on the project intricacy, technology stack, use of resource and key milestones.

Step: 4 Idea Visualization

Initiating meeting and developing user interface skeletal structure with prototype to give you a glimpse of how your application will look like and incorporating with development strategies.

Step: 5 Effective Use and Launch

XcelTec can aid you in your app deployment all over relevant platforms such as iOS, Android, etc., employing various mobile app testing technologies.

Step: 6 Maintenance & Support

Our support and maintenance is among our strongest attributes. We help you to fix bugs, introducing new features and functionalities to your existing app, monetize and optimize your app and other such tasks.