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XcelTec Group Has Launched My Care USA
It is a proud moment for us that today XcelTec Group launched the newest innovation My Care USA a new mobile app for the healthcare industry. My Care is the newest innovation that we’ve been worked on, for quite a while.We launched the My Care app under the roof of My Care Services LLC and...
Top Mobile App Development Company in India by Clutch
XcelTec Named Top Mobile App Development Company in India by Clutch (Industry Leader)
“We are very excited that XcelTec Interactive Private Limited yet another time has been featured as the leading Top mobile app development company in India (Clutch Leader) by Clutch.” See what Clutch Says about the news: Today, Clutch published its list of the 400 best mobile app development firms in India in 2020. India also...
We Have A New Workplace & New Address – A Journey to XcelTec’s New Office
New Office, New Culture, New Thoughts, New Place, New Success Stories, and the New XcelTec As we all know that employees spend half of the day or more than half of the day spend on their workplace. And exactly that is our goal when we consider our new workplace. We added each section that makes...
Uttrayn (Kite Festival) Celebration at XcelTec
Uttarayan (Kite Festival) Celebration at XcelTec
20 January 2020 - 18:17, by , in Festival Celebrations at XcelTec, Life at XcelTec, XcelTec, Comments off
Hard work deserves recognition. Even better, it calls for a celebration. Every day, employees use their expertise to help build a better company, and they should be acknowledged along the way. XcelTec value their employees and to shows the gratitude to their employees, XcelTec organizes a Team Lunch Party on the Uttrayan festival. Our team...
XcelTec Group Today Launched a New Healthcare Platform: MYCARE
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The XcelTec Groups today announced the global launch of MyCare Softech Private Limited: New Healthcare Platform – Your Personalized Healthcare Assistant – MyCare is an app that connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Not only can patients connect with their doctors – they can connect with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories...
ReactJS Web & ReactNative App for eCommerce Store at Affordable Rates
ReactJS Web & ReactNative App for eCommerce Store at Affordable Rates
8 November 2019 - 18:36, by , in Mobile App Development, React Native, XcelTec, Comments off
Click Here to Schedule Live Demo E-commerce is a retail cutting-edge, with innovative online stores and mobile applications. Consumers want smooth navigation and value-added performance with online e-commerce stores and mobile apps. The best e-commerce platforms currently available are React native apps and ReactJS websites. Business owners can choose mobile app platforms and build powerful...
Flutter for Mobile App Development
Should I Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development?
These days, the competition among the business is ferocious than it ever has been. This completion ratio forcing IT Companies to continuously research for something new to stay on the top in their industry. This is factual in the digital universe as well. Businesses need to make sure that the users get the most beautiful...
Work-Life at XcelTec – Best Place to Work for Software Engineers in India
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About the Company: XcelTec is a 4 years old software outsourcing company with 3 states of the art development centers in (India, Iran, and Virginia) and 400+ clients across the world. Headquartered in Ahmedabad city, Gujarat. A few of our technical expertise includes Web Development, Mobile App Development, IoT development, Blockchain, cloud consulting and agile... Names XcelTec as Top eCommerce Development Company in Australia
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XcelTec Glorifies Among the Top eCommerce Development Company in Australia at TopDevelopers.Co About XcelTec XcelTec is one of the leading Web and Mobile App Development Companies in the software industry providing admirable mobile app and websites solution with full package development services from consultation to crafting custom mobile apps and websites. The company is listed...
Software development Company XcelTec Celebrates Janmashtami Festival
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Introduction The best Software development Company XcelTec Interactive private limited celebrates the Janmashtami festival with full of joy. XcelTec, Incorporated in 2016 and headquartered in India, and global presence and offices in USA, UAE, Australia, Iran, and Nigeria. We have 80+ employees at our India development center. XcelTec is an industry-leading web and mobile app...